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Item 152762
Model 152762

WoodRiver - Ultimate Bench Plane Kit


WoodRiver V3 Bench Planes are based on the classic, time-tested Bedrock design. The original Bedrock Planes have proven to be among the most enduring, collectable tools in all of woodworking, and...

This kit includes the following items:

  • #3 Bench Hand Plane, V3
  • #4 Bench Hand Plane, V3
  • #5 Bench Hand Plane, V3
  • #6 Bench Hand Plane, V3

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WoodRiver V3 Bench Planes are based on the classic, time-tested Bedrock design. The original Bedrock Planes have proven to be among the most enduring, collectable tools in all of woodworking, and for good reason—they work. WoodRiver V3s are their modern equivalent. Although not faithful reproductions, they are inspired interpretations of these classics. The Ultimate V3 Set includes four planes— #3, #4, #5 and #6—each featuring heavy stress relieved ductile iron castings, precise machining and extra thick plane blades.

  • Set includes #3, #4, #5 and #6 hand planes

  • Based on the Bedrock design

  • Heirloom quality

  • Substantial savings


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In this issue of Woodcraft Magazine,  Tommy MacDonald of Rough Cut becomes a cooper, building this coopered leg table.  A cooper is someone who makes wooden staved vessels.  A woodstave is a narrow length of wood with a slightly beveled edge to form the sides of barrels, tanks, pipelines, and in this feature, legs for a beautifully built table made from Ambrosia Maple.  Everything a cooper produces is referred to as cooperage.  Tommy recreates this methodology in this issue and in this video from Season 3 of Rough Cut.

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The American Woodshop with Scott Phillips begins it’s 18th season on PBS starting on Monday, August 29th, 2011. This year’s 13 episodes entitled “Weekenders,” focus on woodworking projects to augment the home. While discovering and using new tools to become a more proficient woodworker, you should be able to finish each of these projects in one weekend.

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It’s Tech Talk Time with Bob, Sam & Kyle from Woodcraft’s Technical Support Team!

For over 20 years, Woodcraft’s Technical Support Team has combined efforts with our Customer Service Department to provide satisfaction and resolution to all of Woodcraft’s clientele for any issues that may arise. Together they contribute product information, advice, fast ordering service and delivery, as well as the best pricing to assist with your Woodcraft orders and information. These guys provide for inbound product inspections of new items, informing Woodcraft personnel and customers of any quality issues with new or existing products. They also perform product use testing for future stock items. Using customer experiences, they pass along any concerns or suggestions, sharing the product knowledge to all who may need it.

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The August/September Issue #48 of Woodcraft Magazine is yours for the viewing and can be purchased at your local Woodcraft store. The front cover features a contemporary kitchen table built for a smaller kitchen in mind by Woodcraft’s senior editor, Paul Anthony. Made from cherry, this table is sized at a 30″ width x 48″ in length with a 30″ height.

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The art of hand-cut dovetails has become a race against time as Frank Klausz and Mike Siemsen went saw to saw at Woodworking in America.  We won’t bore you with the verbal details as the entertainment comes from the boys and their woodworking toys with some added music provided by Mike Siemsen in the first video.  Frank wins the competition in what appears to be approximately 2 minutes and 35 seconds.

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A woodworking twist to the classic yule tide poem…

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If you haven’t heard of woodworker Jory Brigham, don’t worry – you will. The California free-spirited family man designs and handcrafts unique furniture using mostly domestic hardwoods and time-honored techniques in his Paso Robles studio, overlooking the vineyards in wine country. His look is rugged, earthy and retro – much like the furniture he creates.

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Woodcraft congratulates Robert Edwards of Eureka, California, winner of The American Dream Shop Sweepstakes, and will visit The American Woodshop with Scott & Suzy Phillips in April 2012.

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James Vitale of Macomb, Michigan, came home from the Midwest Woodworking in America show with an unexpected surprise — a brand new lathe autographed by two popular woodworking  public television personalities —  the prize in Woodcraft’s end-of-the show random drawing from names of registered booth visitors.

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A furniture class at Brigham Design Workshop and Training Center in Paso Robles, California, is like no other that you may have experienced.

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Time and time again, I have found that woodworkers have the biggest hearts in giving back when it comes to helping others. Assistance comes in many different forms, sometimes sharing their wisdom in the shop with projects to opening up their shops for education.

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Gigi Branch, a high school nurse from San Antonio, Texas, is the Grand Prize winner in the “The Jory Brigham Experience” Sweepstakes sponsored by Woodcraft, Jory Brigham and SawStop. 

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Woodcraft Supply is celebrating 90 years as a major woodworking industry retailer with 76 retail stores in 35 states, including Hawaii.

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Woodcraft invites woodworkers to enter the “Build It! with Jory & John Sweepstakes” for a chance to win furniture building lessons taught by West Coast furnituremaker Jory Brigham and East Coast builder John Malecki. Contest Ends 4/30/19. 

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