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Our Workshop Is Your Classroom

Woodworking classes at Woodcraft are a great place to learn the basics of woodworking or expand your skills and learn new techniques in an area of woodworking that interests you. 

Classes are offered by many local Woodcraft Stores and cover a wide range of topics: carving, hand plane basics, woodturning/lathe basics, making pen kits, turning bowls, working with epoxies and resins, sanding and finishing/staining techniques, recycling or upcycling furniture, veneering, making cabinets, furniture and other large projects.  

Classes include the basics of project planning, safety in the workshop, including dust collection and proper PPE, basic woodworking techniques, loads of how-to’s and tips, plus cool new techniques and projects.

Woodworkers love to share their love of woodworking, and our friendly staff, with the occasional guest instructor, is no different. Learn in a friendly, safe, environment and experience the joy of transforming a piece of wood into your own creative vision. Make it–and take it home! 

Check your local Woodcraft location and see what classes are available–and get signed up–today!

Demos at Your Local Woodcraft

Interested in learning more about a particular area of woodworking or a particular tool? Keep an eye out for our monthly woodworking techniques and product demos at your local Woodcraft. Check the links below for more info!

Saturday, July 9, 1PM

Saturday, July 16, 1PM

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