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Just getting into woodworking or looking for a handcrafted gift? Kevin shows you how easy it is to make a cheese slicer.

There's nothing like a handcrafted knife! Check out these new titanium Camillus Cutlery knife kits. 



Trim details transform a plywood case into a piece of furniture. 

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Of all the picture frames I’ve built in my career, this remains one of my favorites. With its lovely but understated detailing, it conveys a simple elegance that respects a photo or painting without clamoring for attention itself.

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The unusual thing about this particular box is that it’s turned from a hybrid blank. Resin casting, a means of molding acrylic material into blanks for turning, has become very popular in recent years and hybrid blanks are a big part of the trend. “Hybrid” is a term coined for combining wood and resin together to create beautiful and unique designs. 

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