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Eric Gorges visits the Woodcraft store in Dallas, Texas to get some help making scales for a set of marking knives. 

Eric Gorges visits the Woodcraft store in Austin, Texas and talks about the different kinds of wood and how to make a cutting board. 

Just getting into woodworking or looking for a handcrafted gift? Kevin shows you how easy it is to make a cheese slicer.

There's nothing like a handcrafted knife! Check out these new titanium Camillus Cutlery knife kits. 

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This two-piece puzzle has a lot to offer: it’s easy to make, satisfying to solve, and in its assembled form, it᾿s handsome aesthetics look great displayed on any shelf. 

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When it rains, it pours. So you put on a raincoat—or go inside. And when the snows come, you bundle up. Sunny? A pair of sunglasses and maybe some SPF lotion. 

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The Adirondack chair is synonymous with the best of summer: You know, relaxing in the shade with friends and family, or simply sittin’ back on a warm evening with a drink in hand. These iconic chairs with their rear legs that lean forward to become part of the seat structure come in many forms, and are made of everything from construction lumber to injection-molded plastic. 

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