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Given enough skill from the woodworker, turned wood objects do not have to be simple, in any way. Art is at least partly in the eye of the beholder, so whether or not your work is art is up to you and its other viewers. One of the greatest features of turning is the chance to gain enough knowledge in short order to make finished projects in just a few hours--lathes give us the possibility of completing, including finish, many worthwhile projects inside a single evening. We can turn out good looking, useful projects after work on almost any day. Short of driving nails in a plank and then nailing the plank to the wall to hold coats and sweaters, there's nothing much else out there that allows shorter times from start to finish in woodworking projects. And the best part is, the projects are both attractive and useful--or can be!

10 Tips for Turning Tricky Wood

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Woodcraft Product Development Mgr. Ben Bice demonstrates the A-Z knowledge on how to turn an acrylic pen, including preparation, required items, proper use of tools, machines, finishes, techniques, and safety elements to create these type of pens in this video. 
Craig Jackson talks about the different turning tool size offerings to accommodate your turning projects to enhance your woodturning experience.

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In just about every shop you will find a box or bin of scrap wood.  Together with replacement parts from our store turning departments you can create different sizes and shapes for all sorts of items.  Thinking outside of the box and your imagination is all you need!  

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Recently I was fortunate enough to attend “Turning Tuesdays” which is held at Codger Lodge in Lubeck, West Virginia, every Tuesday from 10am-1pm. 

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Putting pen to paper can be very difficult.  But making a pen from scratch is pretty straightforward.  Have you ever wondered about those beautiful, handmade pens you see offered for sale at art shows and galleries?   All it takes is few small pieces of wood or acrylic, a suitable pen kit, the right tools and about an hour. 

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We use pens every day and generally take them for granted.  After all, pens have been around for centuries.  Early pens were feathers dipped into bottles of ink.  (Pen comes from the Latin ‘penna’ for feather.) Quills were elegant when used at a desk, but pretty messy to carry around in your pocket.

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