WoodRiver Tools & Kits

WoodRiver Tools & Kits

WoodRiver is a brand that offers a variety of woodworking tools and accessories. Some of the products commonly offered by WoodRiver include:

  1. Hand Tools: WoodRiver provides a range of hand tools, including chisels, hand planes, marking and measuring tools, saws, and carving tools. These tools are often designed to offer good performance at a reasonable price.

  2. Benchtop Tools: WoodRiver manufactures benchtop tools such as bench grinders, drill presses, and spindle sanders, catering to the needs of woodworkers with limited space or those looking for compact solutions.

  3. Power Tools: The WoodRiver brand includes various power tools, including routers, router tables, and dust collection systems, offering options for both handheld and stationary applications.

  4. Woodworking Accessories: WoodRiver produces a range of woodworking accessories that complement various tasks. This may include router bits, saw blades, jigs, and other attachments for enhancing the functionality of tools.

  5. Wood Finishing Products: WoodRiver offers a selection of wood finishes, including stains, varnishes, and other finishing supplies to complete woodworking projects.

  6. Woodworking Vises and Clamps: The brand provides a variety of vises and clamps for securing workpieces during various woodworking operations.

  7. Woodturning Tools: WoodRiver offers woodturning tools for those engaged in wood lathe work. This may include turning chisels, gouges, and other tools specific to woodturning.

  8. Sharpening Supplies: WoodRiver manufactures sharpening supplies such as sharpening stones, honing guides, and other tools to maintain the sharpness of cutting edges.