WoodRiver Tools & Kits

When Woodcraft introduced its WoodRiver® line of woodworking hand tools, workshop clamps, project kits, and shop accessories, the goal was to provide the best quality tools at a price that could beat any other woodworking tool provider. Today the WoodRiver® family of products has grown to include hand planes, chisels, dust collection tools, turning tools, turning kits, a variety of other project kits, and more gear and accessories for your shop. WoodRiver® is the embodiment of our motto: Helping You Make Wood Work®

WoodRiver is a brand that offers a variety of woodworking tools and accessories. Some of the products commonly offered by WoodRiver include:

  1. Hand Tools: WoodRiver provides a range of hand tools, including chisels, hand planes, marking and measuring tools, saws, and carving tools. These tools are often designed to offer good performance at a reasonable price.

  2. Woodworking Accessories: WoodRiver produces a range of woodworking accessories that complement various tasks. This may include router bits, saw blades, jigs, and other attachments for enhancing the functionality of tools.

  3. Wood Finishing Products: WoodRiver offers a selection of wood finishes, including stains, varnishes, and other finishing supplies to complete woodworking projects.
  4. Woodworking Vises and Clamps: The brand provides a variety of vises and clamps for securing workpieces during various woodworking operations.

  5. Woodturning Tools: WoodRiver offers woodturning tools for those engaged in wood lathe work. This may include turning chisels, gouges, and other tools specific to woodturning.

  6. Sharpening Supplies: WoodRiver manufactures sharpening supplies such as sharpening stones, honing guides, and other tools to maintain the sharpness of cutting edges.