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A universal truth among woodworkers is the perpetual journey of learning. As you venture into new types of woodworking, experimenting with new tools and gear, your skills and creativity are destined to flourish. Woodcraft's woodworking demonstrations are your gateway to discovering fresh techniques, new tools, as well as finding inspiration and expanding the horizons of your creativity.

Every month, Woodcraft stores present two captivating demonstrations, each highlighting a unique woodworking technique or showcasing a specific tool or brand. These free-to-attend events offer valuable insights into novel woodworking methods, guiding you on the optimal utilization of hand or power tools in your projects.

Enhance your joy of working with wood by attending demonstrations at your nearby Woodcraft store. Join us on this enriching journey of skill development and creative exploration!

  • Table Saw Tune Up

    March 9, 1PM - Keeping your table saw in top working order makes your projects easier and safer. Stop in and we show you how!

  • CNC Demo

    March 16, 1PM - Creating complex carvings just got easier with the CNC machine. We'll show the basics on how to use a CNC and share some tips to get you started.

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