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Finishing 101
Saturday, April 29, 1 PM - 2 PM

Finishing is one of the most daunting aspects of wood working. Come on by as we explain the differences between water and oil-based topcoats. The advantages and disadvantages of each will be discussed as well as various techniques for applying a finish.

Simple Garden Bench
Saturday, May 6, 1 PM - 2 PM

This is a basic bench that is a simple weekend project. This can be placed next to a garden path, on a patio or a porch. We will use the Festool Domino to demonstrate how to create effective and simple joinery that enables the builder to assemble this bench in a afternoon. Then you can use the next day to finish your bench.

Saturday, May 13, 1 PM - 2 PM

Scrollsawing can be a hobby on its own or used as compliment to your existing shop setup. Come on by as we demonstrate how easy it is to make intricate and/or creative cuts. As always, tips and useful techniques will be discussed.

Stains 101
Saturday, May 27, 1 PM - 2 PM

Finishing your woodworking project is just as an important step as building it. Add color to the mix and things get confusing. Then you have dyes, oil based vs water based stains, and gel stains. This will be a basic into, the advantages and disadvantages of each type of stain as well as basic color theory.

Files & Rasps
Saturday, June 17, 1 PM - 2 PM

As a woodworker, at some point you are going to be interested in adding some curves to your work. Even though files & rasps require some skill to use effectively, the learning curve is surprisingly short. Come on by as we demonstrate how and when to use these tools.

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