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Demo: Chip Carving

Saturday, March 2, 1 PM - 2 PM

Chip carving is a great way to begin woodcarving. For those already acquainted with carving, much can be learned from the design and discipline chip carving has to offer. Stop by the store for today’s FREE DEMO and we’ll show you how.


Table Saw Tune Up

Saturday, March 9, 1 PM - 2 PM

Keeping your table saw in top working order makes your project easier and safer. Stop in as we show you how!


CNC Demo

Saturday, March 16, 1 PM - 2 PM

Creating complex carvings just got easier with the CNC machine. We’ll show you the basics on how to use a CNC machine and some tips to get you started.

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Demo: Choosing The Right Lathe

Saturday, March 23, 1 PM - 2 PM

So many choices; so many decisions. We will help you narrow your options by sharing lathe features, size of lathe to meet your turning interests, maintenance, variable speed, accessories, and many other options you should consider to meet your needs. We look forward to working with you to find your perfect match.

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Demo: Carving Techniques, Safety & Tools

Saturday, April 6, 1 PM - 2 PM

Wood carving is relaxing as you see the chips fly away and a form take shape. Learn about the different kinds of carving (in-the-round, relief, chip, stylized, bird / duck, caricature, and others) and what to consider if you want to start carving: Techniques, Safety, and Tools.


Alumilite Resin

Saturday, April 13, 1 PM - 2 PM

Ready to make your own turning blank or start that river table you’ve been dreaming of? Join us to learn how to get started with resin casting. We’ll go over the basics and show you how to pour a pen blank to get started.


Cutting Boards

Saturday, April 20, 1 PM - 2 PM

Fun to make and functional in the kitchen! Learn to create a custom cutting board. We’ll explain how to put it together and finish it with design and safety in mind.

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Demo: Basic Face Carving

Saturday, April 27, 1 PM - 2 PM

Learn expert tips and techniques to create detailed facial features and make your carvings pop with life and expression.

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Demo: Marking & Measuring

Saturday, May 4, 1 PM - 2 PM

“Measure twice cut once” is probably the most commonly passed-on bit of woodworking advice. With that in mind, stop in and join us for a cup of coffee as we show you some of our favorite tips and tricks to make measuring, marking easier and more accurate.


Bandsaw Tune Up

Saturday, May 11, 1 PM - 2 PM

Don’t just kick the tires. Learn how to properly keep your bandsaw in top working order.


Festool Experience

Saturday, May 18, 11 AM - 3 PM

Whether you are inquiring about Festool, a new owner, or an experienced owner this is a wonderful opportunity to experience Festool products! Our regional rep and expert, Jeff Covey, will be with us to introduce new and exciting products and show you tips and tricks you may not have used with your current Festool tools. There will be some hands-on opportunities and lot of time to ask questions! Stick around to meet and connect with other Festool owners, enjoy SWAG provided by Festool, and have some food, snacks, and drinks.

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Demo: Router Jigs and Templates

Saturday, May 25, 1 PM - 2 PM

With a router and a template, you can create custom jigs and fixtures for your shop or complex designs for projects. Learn how to get started today.


Router Bit and Saw Blade Maintenance

Saturday, June 8, 1 PM - 2 PM

Keeping your bits and blades clean makes for cleaner cuts. Join us as we step through how to remove the buildup on your bits and blades.


Ice Cream Scoop

Saturday, June 15, 1 PM - 2 PM

I scream; you scream; we all scream for ice cream – and scooping it out with your own ice cream scoop just makes it sweeter. Let us show you the basics for turning your new favorite scoop.


Router Basics

Saturday, July 13, 12 AM - 12 AM

Making rabbets or putting a roundover edge on a board in your future? Our in-store experts will walk you through what you need to know to start using a router.


Outdoor Finishes

Saturday, July 20, 1 PM - 2 PM

Ensure your outdoor projects can stand up to the weather by choosing the right outdoor finish. Let us show you the options and how to pick the right one for your project.


Hand Plane Tune Up

Saturday, August 10, 1 PM - 2 PM

Making clean cuts with a hand plane is easy – if you have your plane set up properly. Join us as we go over how to dial it in for the right cut.


Food/Child Safe Finish Options

Saturday, August 17, 1 PM - 2 PM

Safety first! Any projects that come in contact with the mouth need special attention with finish. Learn about all the food and child safe finish options available and when you need to use them.


Workbenches and workholding

Saturday, September 14, 1 PM - 2 PM

Where you work makes a big impact on how you work. Let us show you the importance of using a workbench and vises to keep your work steady.


How to Choose a Chuck for your Lathe

Saturday, September 21, 1 PM - 2 PM

Holding your turning blank in place properly means a safe and fun turning experience. Join us as we walk through the different chuck options and when you need to use them.


Sharpening your Tools

Saturday, October 12, 1 PM - 2 PM

Sharp tools are safe tools. Stop in and learn how to properly keep the edge of your tools sharp.


Intro to Knife Making

Saturday, October 19, 1 PM - 2 PM

Build your own custom knife that you (or someone you know) will treasure for years to come. Join us as we walk you through the process.


Joinery Jigs – How to Use/why to buy

Saturday, November 9, 1 PM - 2 PM

A couple boards and some nails might work, but they may not be the best solution to keeping your project in one piece. Join us as we review different types of joinery jigs to help you build a strong finished piece.


Router Jigs and Templates

Saturday, November 16, 1 PM - 2 PM

With a router and a template, you can create custom jigs and fixtures for your shop or complex designs for projects. Learn how to get started today.