Franchise Support

Marketing and Promotions

The Woodcraft organization has developed specific marketing and promotion programs, designed to reach your target markets. Woodcraft Franchise, LLC will assist you with marketing efforts which will reach out to both core customers as well as prospects. The Woodcraft catalog provides a significant source of customers as a strong base for your new store. Each and every month you will send a colorful eight-page flyer to your customers, featuring specials, sale items and your store’s schedule of educational programs and classes.

Woodcraft Supply, LLC provides franchisees with a Marketing Tool Box full of helpful concepts, ideas, examples and methods for building your own business. Customizable television, radio, newspaper, and direct mail pieces are another marketing asset for franchisees.

The Woodcraft Catalog & Sale Flyer: The Woodworker's In-home Resources

Woodcraft Supply, LLC has a significant mail order / catalog operation. The Woodcraft catalog, which is annually sent to more than 2 million people in all 50 states and 70 foreign countries, features more than 4,000 quality hand and power tools, all of which are in the retail stores.

Woodworkers of all interests, including woodcarving, woodturning, cabinet making, finishing, timber framing, picture framing, and more, find that the Woodcraft catalog offers one of the most comprehensive selections of woodworking tools and accessories available. Woodcraft retail store franchises are fully integrated into the benefits of the catalog, which creates Name and Brand awareness, promotional opportunities, and insight into pinpointing retail store locations.

As a new Franchisee, you will be given access to the extensive catalog customer database for your area. Not only will these customers become retail customers once your store is open, they will also be your source for employees and educational instructors. The Woodcraft catalog is your customers’ in-home reference guide and a very important and valuable resource for your business.

In 1996, was launched in order to take Woodcraft quality anywhere and everywhere. The Internet aspect of the business has been a great source of new customers, and an excellent opportunity for franchise owners to send economical ads, classes, and activities to current customers in their market.

Woodcraft Email Marketing Program

Woodcraft Supply, LLC has been an innovator and leader in the field of email marketing, continuing to aggressively remain on the cutting edge of new technologies. Franchise owners have the opportunity to step into these established website features without the expensive and time-consuming initial investments.

Franchise owners are also able to send economical e-newsletters to customers in their market notifying them of upcoming events at the store and more!

Another innovative Woodcraft tool is a sophisticated internal communications system used for sending information back and forth from Woodcraft support personnel and the Franchise store owners and operators. Known as the Woodcraft Hub, everything from art samples and project requests to reporting, forms, and manuals can be easily maintained and viewed on demand.

Woodcraft Magazine

The Woodcraft Magazine team is tremendous in size and in other ways, too. For starters, we've got thousands of readers who contribute tips, articles, ideas and feedback. We work closely with a growing number of authors with expertise in all aspects of woodworking. Skilled photographers and artists help us bring woodworking topics to life. And thanks to our nationwide network of Woodcraft stores, we get woodworking news and views from many sources.

Woodcraft Store Website

Each store has its own web page for Franchise owners to promote their store location and details, publish monthly classes, introduce the store staff, promote class instructors and local celebrities, publish club news within the market, distribute the monthly sales flyer, and place store or project photos.

The store website also displays on a mobile phone and includes a call feature as well as a button to view a map of the store's location. Once the Google Map launches, it will provide driving directions to the customer, if needed.

Once you are a Woodcraft Franchisee, you will receive franchise support from experienced field representatives

Woodcraft Franchise, LLC has the experience and the size to provide you with many support services. But the principal feature of the Woodcraft system is our dedication to being the best at what we do. This attitude applies to our franchise support system in the same way that it works for our purchasing, promotion, product development, and merchandising systems. You will be in business for yourself but not by yourself!

The Woodcraft Retailing System: Experience and Expertise

The Woodcraft retailing system has been modeled after the retail operations of our affiliate, Woodcraft Supply, LLC. Each of the Woodcraft Supply, LLC stores, which first began retail operations in 1988, have a well-designed merchandising approach, with a state-of-the-art computerized point-of-sale system and inventory control procedure, all of which provide the framework for managing the facility. Woodcraft Supply, LLC recruits experienced woodworkers to staff the operations and encourages franchisees to do the same.

Name and Logo

The Woodcraft name and logo are important assets in developing your business. Brand identity is one of the most important assets a company acquires through franchising. The Woodcraft name is respected by professional and amateur woodworkers alike. Woodcraft is constantly advertising in the major publications, increasing our brand and name recognition. Additionally, we are national sponsors of several popular woodworking programs for television broadcast.


You will be provided with comprehensive training at Woodcraft headquarters, and then additional training at your site immediately prior to and during commencement of operations. Over a period of 2 to 3 weeks, you will receive the attention and support necessary to help you learn your new business. Additional on-site training at your store location is geared toward helping you manage your new business. Not only do we provide you with the necessary training, we train your employees directly at your store!

Site Selection

Proper site selection is extremely important for Woodcraft stores. Woodcraft personnel will assist you with site selection advice and lease/purchase negotiations. Whether your new location is a strip-center remodel or a new construction project, Woodcraft personnel will help you all the way. Our process begins with a comprehensive analysis of your market. We then contact a national commercial real estate firm to assist us in the actual site search process and concluding with our personnel reviewing sites with you. We even design and layout the interior store space for you.

Decor and Design

The distinctive layout of a Woodcraft facility is designed to take customers through the store in a logical progression of needs and products most frequently sought.

The Woodcraft franchise organization has retail specialists who have extensive knowledge in retail store design. In addition, Woodcraft management has vast experience in the retailing of woodworking equipment and supplies. This information is provided to you directly, through the Operations Manual, verbal and written communications, and on-site visits from Woodcraft Franchise, LLC personnel throughout your franchise term. You're never alone!

The Franchise Operations Manual

This confidential and comprehensive document provides a detailed, daily guide to the operation of your Woodcraft store. It is used as a reference, a training tool, a daily operating manual, and a franchise management guide. The manual is updated when necessary to include valuable information concerning new equipment, procedures, research, or marketing programs.

Field Support

Woodcraft field consultants visit your location on a periodic basis to review your operations, answer questions, and provide solutions. Field support is an integral part of how franchisees are supported by Woodcraft management.