18th Century Furniture by Bilderback Woodworks

This is Larry Bilderback of Dayton, Ohio with his side business, Bilderback Woodworks. He builds fine furniture by incorporating relief carvings into his 18th century designs. Below Larry is pictured with his Newport Rhode Island mahogany block front chest of drawers with concave and convex shell carvings.

Bilderback showcases the Goddard and Townsend  features using shell carvings, ball and claw constructs, block and shell case architecture on many of his creations.

Using the Al Breed School of Fine Woodworking castings as inspiration, Larry replicates Newport Rhode Island bracket feet designs.

Larry learned how to carve while working his main job traveling and staying in hotels over the years using books purchased from Woodcraft.  He frequented several Woodcraft stores along his route through Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio, Knoxville Tennesse, and Birmingham, Alabama for expertise, and his supplies including the pfeil Swiss made 25 piece collection carving tool set, item #05B58.

In this interview, Larry gives us a tour of his home and fine furniture explaining his involvement in the Western Ohio Woodworking Club, and the Society of American Period Furniture Makers(SAPFM).

Larry also put together a dovetail presentation for the Western Ohio Woodworking Club:

Larry Bilderback Dovetail Presentation.pdf

Contact Larry at lrbilderback@aol.com or at (937) 294-2147 for your special 18th century designed furniture; you will be impressed!

Here are some photos of Larry’s work:

Look for these photos and more on our Woodcraft Facebook site too…http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/WoodcraftWoodworking.

As mentioned in the video, Larry participates in the annual Dayton Ohio Artistry in Wood Show, along with hundreds of other woodworkers displaying their talents in all the woodworking venues.

We’ll have more on this subject in an upcoming blog when we talk with furniture & cabinet maker Dick Reese, also in Dayton, Ohio as we explore his amazing woodshop. Here is a tickler…and yes, this is a woodshop!

Come back for more of our one tank trips as the Woodcraft Woodworking Adventures continue!

Auf wiedersehen…Frank

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