Woodcraft 101 Video Series with Eric Gorges

  • Woodcraft is proud to partner with Eric Gorges, renowned woodworker, metal shaper, motorcycle builder, and sponsor his online video series, "A Craftsmen's Legacy." Eric's videos highlight his journey of learning woodworking, exploring new techniques, and tackling newer and more complex projects.

    Some of these videos feature interesting craftspeople and cool woodworking methods, and are presented in our sponsored series, "Woodcraft 101." Links to many of his videos are below. Stay tuned to this space for updates—and more Woodcraft 101!

  • "Eric Gorges grew up in a woodworking family in Detroit, Michigan; his grandfather was a professional cabinetmaker, and his dad was a serious hobbyist. But Eric’s career path led him to a lucrative corporate job. In his twenties, he began suffering panic attacks, but the road to recovery was found by working with his hands. Eric took up metalwork, then started a custom motorcycle shop that became successful. These days, he hosts A Craftsmen’s Legacy, a TV show that shines a light on all kinds of craftspeople and the work they do." - Woodcraft Magazine - Profiles: Eric Gorges - Full Interview.