The Twelve Gifts of Christmas Brought To You By Woodcraft


Woodcraft is ready to help you discover the perfect gifts for the woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers on your holiday list, starting with the “Twelve Gifts of Christmas” in this blog. 

As always, our gift idea list includes the handy Woodcraft Gift Card and informative Woodcraft Magazine subscription. Other ideas include a router jig to make unique signs, a router, knives, veneer, a heat gun, a mobile light, a special ruler, a multi-tool, a work support stand, and spoon carving blanks.

To choose from our other 20,000 plus quality products, visit your local Woodcraft Store, log on to or select from our catalog and order at 1-800-225-1153. 

#1 WoodRiver® Welcome Sign Router Jig

Create custom porch or yard signs for friends and family with the WoodRiver® Router Jig. Instead of stencils and paint, this jig provides a method of machining bold 4" tall letters directly onto a 1 x 8 (7-1/4" wide) board. Letter Templates are used with a plunge router, 3/8" router bushing, and 1/4" straight bit (sold separately). Jig includes 6 Letter Templates (C, E, H, L, M, and O) machined from 5/16"-thick clear acrylic with clamping slots on all four sides.


Letter templates – one letter works as M and W.
Two options: plunge and fixed base.


#2 READY TO ROUT SOME FUN PROJECTS – SKIL® 14A Plunge and Fixed Base Router

Powerful 14 amp, 2-1/2 HP motor can tackle nearly any routing task. Other features: three coarse depth settings and micro-depth adjustment; speed control LCD display to help you choose the correct speed, based on bit type and material; electronic feedback that maintains optimum RPM; and collets for using either 1/2" or 1/4" shank router bits.



Powerful light that goes anywhere.
500 lumens of light and a phone power bank.


Next generation technology is evident in this lantern’s features: rechargeable, 500 lumens with multiple light beam patterns, dimming capabilities, direct-to-red mode, Smart Power Control for more efficient battery use, and a power bank for phone or other USB powered devices. 


#4 GO-TO CUTTING POWER – Opinel Pocketknives 

These lightweight French pocketknives have Beech handles, a Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade, and a two-piece Virobloc® blade locking twist mechanism. 

The Virobloc not only locks the blade open and closed, but also gives each knife an incredible amount of strength. Knives are a great addition to your shop that may make their way into the kitchen, lunch box, backpack and vehicle. Opinel Manual Knife Sharpener is sold separately. 


Waiting to be crafted into something beautiful. 

Versatile heating tool.


#5 GET CREATIVE WITH MARQUETRY, FURNITURE ACCENTS, AND MORE – Sauers & Company Veneer 3-Square-Foot Packs 

This selection of sequence-matched real wood veneer packs by Sauers allows you to create inspiring works of art with your woodworking project. Each sheet measures 12" in length and 4- 1/2" to 6-1/2" in width. The convenient 3-square-foot packs are the perfect size for marquetry, inlay repair, accents on furniture and any other small jobs around the shop. Available in 16 wood species.


Use this handy heat gun for many projects, including stripping paint, defrosting pipes, shrink wrapping, softening adhesives, removing bubbles from poured resin projects and for creating movement effects when working with art resins. It has user-friendly controls for 12 temperature settings for common applications. 




The gift that comes year-round.



#7 SIX GIFTS A YEAR – Woodcraft Magazine

Woodcraft Magazine publishes six premium issues a year, each packed with woodworking projects of all sizes, as well as skill-building techniques, the latest tools and tool innovations, specialized storage, dust collection, shop setup, features about wood, and much more. Choose a 1-year or 2-year print subscription or a 1-year digital subscription by visiting



Woodworker’s measuring buddy.
Powerful hardworking multi-tool. 


#8 DESIGNED FOR WOODWORKERS – Pinnacle® 18" Triangle Ruler 

This Pinnacle® Triangle Ruler is a jumbo version of the architectural rulers of days past. Its design, specifically developed for woodworking, features left-to-right, right-to-left, and center measuring in both imperial and metric units. At 18" long, this extruded aluminum ruler will quickly become the go-to for layout work and machine setup. 

#9 MASTER MULTI-TOOL – Fein MM 500 MultiMaster Quick-Start with Starlock 

The combination of a 350-watt motor with high copper content and an independent tool housing makes the MM 500 MultiMaster more powerful, lower in vibration, and quieter than every other comparable tool on the market. It can easily handle cutting, scraping, sanding, cleaning and polishing tasks with effortless accessory changes in three seconds, thanks to the Starlock mounting system.




#10 EXTRA SUPPORT ON DEMAND – WoodRiver® Single Roller Work Support Stand

The WoodRiver® Single Roller Work Support Stand provides you with support when and where you need it. The polished steel roller works with a multitude of machines and other work surfaces. Adjust the height to meet your work surface, stationary machine, or workbench. When not in use, the stand folds away for easy storage.



Spoons waiting to be carved. 

15 Hand-carved projects.


#11 EXPERIENCE THE JOY OF CARVING – Flexcut® 4-Piece Basswood Spoon Blank Set 

Get started carving wood spoons, bowls and knives with this set that include 4 Basswood spoons that vary in length from 7-1/2" to 9-3/4" and offer the carver 3 different spoon profiles and 1 paddle profile. If you need help, take a spoon carving class at Woodcraft or check out 12 Spoons 2 Bowls and a Knife – Woodcarving Illustrated, a must-have guide to basic tools and techniques for carving spoons, bowls and knives. 



Gift Card also available as an Email Card.

Woodcraft of Columbus, OH, is one of more than 70 Woodcraft stores nationwide. 

#12 The “EVERYONE GIFT” – Woodcraft® Gift Card/Regular or Email 

Make gift selection easy – buy Woodcraft Gift Cards available on and at Woodcraft retail stores. Gift Cards can be used online, at stores, and for catalog orders by phone at 1-800-225-1153. 

Choose a $25, $50, $100, $150, $200, $250, or $500 gift. For additional dollar amounts, ask a store associate or call Woodcraft customer service (800-225-1153). When you purchase a gift card, it will be shipped free of charge with your choice of a complimentary gift card holder. 

A Woodcraft Email Gift Card is the perfect last minute gift! Visit card to order one – or more! Select your amount and provide the name and email address of the recipient. Once your order is placed, the Gift Card will be emailed, with the amount and a note from you. It can be used as soon as it is received! 

Let the shopping begin!

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