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Issue 86: December/January 2019 - Click to purchase

Issue 86


Build a Super Serving Tray (pg 26)

This skill-building project combines function and beauty in a gift that will bring happiness to any household.

Japanese Gift Box (pg 42)

A traditional Japanese toolbox gets reimagined as a keepsake box.

Build a Sturdy, Stylish Child's Rocker (pg 49)

It’s any child’s favorite piece of furniture, and you can build this sturdy, stylish example by taking advantage of template-routing techniques.

Wood & Resin Turned Box (pg 55)

Create a wonderful work of art from a hybrid blank using a few simple turning techniques and some innovative new tools.


Hot New Tools (pg 14)

WoodSense (pg 64)

Outfeed (pg 72)

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