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Issue 93: February/March 2020 - Click to purchase

Issue 93


Basketball Cutting Board (pg 28)

Hoops fans will have fun passing this game-time snack server. Epoxy-filled grooves stand in for “seams” on this ball-shaped cherry platter. 

Rockin' Record Storage (pg 36)

Build this retro cabinet to store your vintage vinyl. In the process, learn a score of great techniques to add to your woodworking repertoire.

Awl in a Day's Work (pg 48)

Mix turning and metalwork to make your own scratch awl.

Super-Simple Cutoff Cart (pg 52)

Leftovers tend to accumulate in the shop as quickly as they do in the fridge. Keep your precious wood spoils organized and accessible in this handy cart.


Hot New Tools (pg 8)

Great Gear (pg 60)


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