Woodcraft Magazine

Issue 82


Get to Work with a Tool Stool (pg 26)

Designed to be a remodeler’s best friend, this sturdy stand will store essential tools, serve as a mini workbench, and provide a seat for lunch.

BasicBUILDS | Build a Swing Bed (pg 36)

With a quick trip to your local home center and a weekend or two in the workshop, you’ll have a sweet spot to sit out the dog days of summer.

More Than a Mortising Jig (pg 47)

When it comes to accurate, efficient mortising, this jig is hard to beat. And you’ll be pulling it into play for other routing chores as well!

Top-Notch Tapering Jig (pg 58)

Who needs an expensive commercial tapering jig? This cool shop-made version works better and only costs a few bucks to make.

Tools & Techniques

A Home Remodeler’s Tool Kit (pg 30)

With this versatile selection of tools, you’ll be able to tackle all kinds of remodeling and home improvement projects.

Get Wowed! at Winterthur (pg 42)

At this Delaware museum, furniture built by exceptional artisans provides an inspiring tour through American history.

Best Bits for Big Holes (pg 52)

Get the hole story! Our guide explains the advantages, limitations, and best uses of bits that bore big holes.


Profiles (pg 8)

Hot New Tools (pg 14)

Tips & Tricks (pg 18)

WoodSense (pg 62)

Expert Answers (pg 70)

Wood Filler (pg 72)

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