Woodcraft Magazine

Issue 83


Tiny Treasure Box (pg 26)

What this small-scale container lacks in size it makes up for in graceful charm. Box joints and shaped sides take the ordinary to extraordinary. And it makes a great gift.

BasicBUILDS | Build a Great Grill Cart (pg 36)

Just what every chef needs to make a good barbecue even better: a mobile cart to provide extra storage and countertop space.

Essential Box Joint Jig (pg 57)

Build this simple table saw sled for your next box project. Adjustable fences make it easy to fine-tune your fingers for the perfect joint.

Tools & Techniques

Now Hear This! (pg 32)

Woodworkers treat hearing loss with the same certainty as death and taxes, but it’s no joke. Thanks to new technology, you can hear more in (and out) of your shop.

Installing an Inset Door (pg 44)

Here’s the step-by-step approach to achieving tight, consistent reveals that proclaim “High-End Furniture.”

Mastering the Hand Plane (pg 50)

Taking your projects to the next level is just a few shavings away. Learn from a pro how easy it is to put this must-have hand tool to work.


Profiles (pg 8)

Hot New Tools (pg 10)

Tips & Tricks (pg 16)

WoodSense (pg 62)

Great Gear (pg 66)

Wood Filler (pg 72)

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