Woodcraft Magazine

Issue 84: August/September 2018

Issue 83


Super Simple Sanding Center (pg 25)

Grit by grit, this project provides an easy and effective way to keep all your supplies organized for hand and power sanding.

Wall-Hung Desk (pg 34)

Whether you’re just checking email or writing a novel, this mini-workspace is the perfect laptop parking spot, offering fold-out convenience and feature-packed design.

BasicBUILDS | Make a Super Sofa Table (pg 48)

This elegant table is packed with shop tips and short cuts. The sturdy base is built with stair tread and plywood. And a few jigs take out the guesswork.

Tools & Techniques

Batch-Cut Buttons (pg 54)

Save time and money with this simple sequence for shop-made tabletop fasteners.


Hot New Tools (pg 14)

Great Gear (pg 64)

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