Jody Garrett Named President of Woodcraft Supply

On May 1, 2012, Woodcraft Supply, LLC, named Jody Garrett president. Since 2006, Garrett has served Woodcraft as vice president of marketing and merchandising and publisher of Woodcraft Magazine.

As Woodcraft president, Jody will provide oversight and future direction for a company that is the industry leader in supplying an extensive line of top quality products (more than 20,000), educational opportunities and one-on-one guidance to woodworkers of all skill levels. He will oversee a distribution system that includes retail franchise stores in over 70 major metropolitan areas across the U.S., two million catalogs that are distributed annually in all 50 states and 117 countries, and the company’s website,

“For me personally I am “all in” wherever I am or whatever I am doing.”

Jody brings more than a decade of product development and operations management experience to his new position. From 1998 to 2006 he held executive-level positions of increasing responsibility for Simonton Windows, finishing as vice president of manufacturing prior to joining Woodcraft. In this role he was responsible for managing six Simonton manufacturing sites across the country and oversaw purchasing, human resources, logistics, customer service, process engineering, facility engineering and lean manufacturing for all facilities.

Before working at Simonton, Jody worked at Woodcraft, holding positions of increasing responsibility from 1992-1998, culminating in the role of director of new product development and warehouse operations. His duties included developing new product strategies for the catalog and retail operations, oversight of collateral development, and logistics, distribution and inventory management.

“This is an exciting, new opportunity for me, and I look forward to leading the Woodcraft team. Woodcraft employees are committed to delighting woodworking customers by supplying them with a wide array of woodworking tools, developing and launching new innovative products and providing educational classes for woodworkers of all skill levels. As a woodworker myself, it is deeply satisfying to be part of a team that is expanding the craft of woodworking.”

Jody was born and raised in Clarksville, Tennessee, and graduated from the Clarksville Academyin 1976. His parents, Betty Jo and Joe Garrett, still reside in Clarksville. Jody received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1980 from the U.S. Naval Academy and an MBA from Hofstra University in 1994. He and his wife, Cathy, have two children, Becky and Danny.

Eagle Scout is an accomplishment that you will carry with you the rest of your life.”

Jody is an Eagle Scout who is still actively involved withBoy Scouts of America, Troop 4, in Parkersburg, West Virginia. When asked what he would say to an aspiring Eagle Scout, Jody responded, Earning the rank of Eagle Scout is an accomplishment that you will carry with you the rest of your life.  The fraternity of Eagle Scouts is a rather small and a closely knit one.  The fact that one earned the rank of Eagle speak volumes about one’s personality. Character traits common to Eagle Scouts like dedication, perseverance, and integrity, which are timeless, are extremely important to employers today.  The accomplishment will open doors for you throughout your life, and I have no doubt that being an Eagle Scout was instrumental in my receiving many of the opportunities I have been presented with.”

Jody is deeply committed into everything that he undertakes. During our interview, I asked him, “Knowing all the hours it takes to get ahead at anything in life, what is your secret to the balance of success in career and home?” He said,There is certainly a fine balance no matter what your job or position might be.  For me personally I am “all in” wherever I am or whatever I am doing.  So, I look for improvements or gains in efficiencies while at work, so I can absolutely make the most of my time on the job.  Likewise, when I am home I make the most of the time I have with my family too.  That’s not to say that things do not come up which require incremental time at work or at home.  That’s life!  You do what you have to do at the moment to get the job done.  If you find that one facet of life is occupying too much time, take a step back and reassess what’s going on.  I would guarantee you that with a few adjustments you can create a better balance, and you’ll be a better person at work and at home.”

An avid woodworker, Jody is an inspiration and shares his talents in many aspects of his business and personal life. From creating in the woodshop to running the company, Jody finds time in the heart of it all to being on the Woodcraft Magazine Router Cabinet Shop Plans cover!

What would you expect from the leader of Woodcraft? Well, let’s take a look into his woodworking shop! Here you’ll find Jody’s all-in commitment too.

Asking Jody, What would you say to an aspiring woodworker, no matter the age? He expressed this, Find a good mentor and soak up everything they say. Learn to use hand tools. I’m certainly not against using power tools, but power tools can only take you so far.

Every aspect of being a woodworker takes time, effort, patience, some adversity, and of course, seeing your work come to life successfully. I asked Jody what he thought his finest woodworking accomplishment was as well as his favorite woodworking preference. His response was, “Until recently I was pretty much self-taught. I like making furniture pieces and for example, have made bedside tables, bookcases, hall entry tables,microwave stand, sewing desk,kitchen table, curio shelves, drop leaf table, my daughter’s bed, my son’s bunk beds, a quilt rack,…and a church sound system desk and pulpit.

Only recently through association with woodworking professionals like Charles Neil and Rob Cosman,  however, have I truly learned about the art of woodworking.”

It is no secret that the success of our Woodcraft environment are all the team players which include the employees, franchisees, professional and hobbyist woodworkers, all our fine vendors, and you the customer. Jody commented on the importance of the employees when asked, Knowing how dedicated a person you are, what would you say to the employees of Woodcraft for their individual goals for Woodcraft?  He honestly stated, I have had the very good fortune of working for SBR, and now personally for Sam Ross, for 20 years.  My goal was always to do the very best in whatever position that I was placed in.  This philosophy, combined with a great employer, was successful for me.  The dedication and hard work I brought to my work on a daily basis was recognized, and various other opportunities were then made available to me.  Your job and your work are what you make of them.  Be patient.  In the digital age that we live it’s hard to be patient, but opportunities in the work environment often do not materialize overnight.”

So as Woodcraft benefits from Jody, that means you will too; great things to come.

Stay linked with us here at Woodcraft and bring Jody and all the fine people of Woodcraft into your woodworking world.
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