Woodcraft Magazine June/July 2012 Issue Preview

The Woodcraft Magazine June/July Issue #47 is available on-lineat your local Woodcraft store, or favorite newsstand starting Tuesday, May 29th, 2012. Featuring 4 projects, 5 Tools & Techniques, 2 Hot New Tools, 3 Tips & Tricks, and many other woodworking related topics that belong in your woodworking library. Each of the projects in this issue, as with every Woodcraft Magazine issue, comes with a Convenience-Plus Buying Guide, Cut List and in-depth explanation with detailed layout instructions.

This Quilt-Front Wall Cabinet project, designed and built by Ken Burton, takes a fabric-based quilt pattern inspiration into a solid wood door panel. The cabinet featured in this article is made from Cherry, Birds-eye Maple, Wenge and Jatoba woods. There are 2 different door panel designs shown with detailed offerings of personal choice ideas to make your cabinet become the look you desire.

The Tablesaw Accessory Cabinet project (cover photo with Power Tool Product Development Manager, Andrew Bondi) in this issue takes your shop organization to a higher level with safety in mind. A dedicated storage station features 10 pullout blade shelves, and 2 drawers for storing a dado set, pushsticks, wrenches, and inserts. Designed to fit under your tablesaw, this cabinet also has two fixed and two swivel casters for easy access and movement around your woodshop. Materials used in this cabinet are an economic value with Maple, Birch Plywood, Medium Density Fiberboard, while joinery and assembly are made for a simple quick build.

Jim Harold, Woodcraft Magazine Editor-In-Chief, designed and built this cabinet. In this video he explains his intent and built-in safety factors,

Our third project is not only fun to make, but fun to use! Who doesn’t like a good pizza pie?

Designed and built by Chuck Hedlund for a large pie, this Pizza Lover’s Trio consists of an edge-glued peel, crescent-shaped cutter and wall hanger to show off the Maple-Cherry Set. Some of the issues to consider in this build are the large arc layouts, router table beveled edges and cutting perfect keyholes. After your done creating this project, cleaning the surfaces, reapplying the finish when needed, and enjoying the perfect pizza pie is all that’s left to do. Pizza courtesy of CJ’s Italian Kitchen. Now that’s amore!

Last but not least is the Crosscut Sled Support Arm project by Woodcraft Magazine Senior Editor, Paul Anthony. One of the handiest fixtures to have in your shop is a Crosscut Sled Sliding Tablesaw Jig for accurate sawing of large workpieces.

As the magazine points out, when you have a wide panel to cut, the sled can tend to tip off the front of the saw when pulled backward. Applying a three-piece wooden support arm to the fence system is just the ticket. Paul Anthony shows us how to accomplish this task in this issue.

Paul also shares his vast woodworking experience with additional practical woodshop solutions in Tauton’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Tablesaws, available at Woodcraft.

Scott Phillips of The American Woodshop shares his Crosscut Sled knowledge and gives us some fixture modifications using the KREG Precision Miter Gauge System, Woodcraft Item #145765 on his SawStop tablesaw in this video,

Under the contents section for Tools & Techniques, you will find other valuable articles in this issue on home shop fire safety, jointer fundamentals, pneumatic nail guns and safeguards for toxic woods. As always there are plenty of tips & tricks to be shared.

From Editor-In- Chief, Jim Harrold is an appeal to all seasoned woodworkers for mentoring other woodworkers in aspiring to higher levels of woodworking through sharing your tips & tricks and winning cash or prizes. Check out all the details on page 14 of this June/July Issue #47 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Hot new tools come in the form of a digital hygrometer for gauging changes in ambient temperatures and humidity for your woodshop. Another hot new tool is the airbrush kit by Badger, a tape rule gauge block, and the top tip called Sting-and-sticks clamping.

There is a special “Wood Sense” article near the back of the magazine on page 66 with some excellent information on Toxic Woods by Larry Osborn.

All the above and much more you won’t want to miss in this issue, so we won’t give any more away secrets away. You’ll have to check it all out yourself and benefit from all of us at Woodcraft, where we Help YOU make WOOD work!

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