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The Next Summer Blockbuster: Leigh’s New Super Jigs

While moviegoers await the arrival of Transformers in local theaters, engineering minds at Leigh Industries have transformed their line of dovetail jigs into blockbuster accessories woodworkers can look forward to. These so-called “Super Jigs” combine precision, versatility, and time-savings at a very affordable price. And like many blockbusters, their summer debut is slated for July.

Three sizes make up the new line: 12" (Super 12); 18" (Super 18) and 24" (Super 24). Simply consider what you want to make − drawers, boxes, hope chests − and select accordingly. All three jigs let you rout through, half-blind and sliding dovetails up to the above-listed workpiece widths. They also let you make two sizes of box joints, as well as single-pass half-blind dovetails. Variable pin/tail placement comes standard, letting you create any joint pattern you like while always ending up with a half dovetail at each joint end, regardless of the joint type. And with the optional Finger Joint Template and Isoloc Templates, additional joint types can be made using the Super 18 and Super 24.

Super Jig Features at a glance: 

Standout features of the Super Jigs allow for ease of use and quick, accurate setup. Here’s a look-see:

EASY-TO-READ SCALES let you dial in precision to achieve an air-tight joint.

SIMPLE CAM-ACTION LEVERS apply firm pressure to the aluminum clamp bars, holding the workpiece securely against the non-slip surfaces (above) during machining operations.

TRY ANY COMBINATION of pin/tail spacings for a unique look by adjusting the infinitely variable guide fingers.

SAVE TIME WHILE ENSURING A DEAD-ON JOINT FIT by routing the pins and tails in one pass.

USING THE SPECIAL SPACER, you can accurately establish the correct offset for spacing box joint fingers.

USING A PIN WRENCH on the locking nut of the E-Bush guide bushing system, you can change and tweak settings for a quality fit for both box joints and half-blind dovetails.

Pricing and Specials 

By the time this article runs you should find these jigs at your local woodworking specialty stores and online. Should you choose Woodcraft, here are the order numbers and prices you’ll encounter. Note that you can save several greenbacks by ordering complete kits. Accessory kits include a Vacuum and Router Support and a 7-piece boxed Leigh Router Bit Set.

12" Leigh Super Dovetail Jig 148134 $179.99
12" Jig Accessory Kit 148147 $129.99
12" Super Jig with Accessory Kit 148151 $289.99
18" Leigh Super Dovetail Jig 148135 $239.99
18" Jig Accessory Kit 148148 $134.99
18" Super Jig with Accessory Kit 148152 $349.99
24" Leigh Super Dovetail Jig 148136 $299.99
24" Jig Accessory Kit 148149 $139.99
24" Super Jig with Accessory Kit 148153 $399.99

Fein MultiMaster Top Kit

German tool maker Fein has unveiled the new generation of its popular MultiMaster with oscillation technology that was first introduced 40 years ago as the Fein sander. The 2007 version is faster, more powerful and easier to use. 

A major change in the new MultiMaster is a user-friendly lever that makes tool-free accessory changes quick and easy, thanks to Fein’s QuickIN rapid change technology. The 250-watt motor offers 40% more operating power than the earlier versions, and a SoftGrip insert provides a strong, safe grip and more comfortable, less tiring handling. New accessories are also available that expand the MultiMaster’s uses for woodworking, construction, home and hobby, automotive, marine and aviation applications.

Fein is known for its oscillating technology (11,000 and 20,000 oscillations per minute) that is the key to the MultiMaster’s versatility for work that is either fine and delicate or more aggressive, depending upon the accessory and material being used. 

The new MultiMaster is available in three kits: Start ($200), Select ($300) and Top ($400). The Start kit comes with the Fein MultiMaster 250 that does not offer the QuickIN rapid change feature. Accessories include a sanding pad, sanding sheets, a universal E-C saw blade, a fixed spatula, a wrench and tensioning screws. The Select kit includes the MultiMaster 250Q with the QuickIN rapid change system, all the Start accessories plus a carbide-tipped segment saw blade and a High Speed Steel (HSS) saw blade. 

The MultiMaster Top kit includes the MultiMaster 250Q, a tough plastic carrying case, all the Start and Select kit accessories plus a profile sanding set, a carbide rasp, a dust extraction attachment that works with most domestic vacuum cleaners and a perforated sanding pad and perforated sanding sheets for dust-free operation when used with a vacuum.

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