News & Views: Eyes on the Personal DC?

Need a dust collector, I’ve considered buying the Oneida Benchtop DC, especially after your review (Oct/Nov, 2021). One thing puzzles me, though. Photos I’ve seen online show threaded inserts atop the case near the handle. The holes look like they could be used for eyebolts to hang the unit from the ceiling. Is that their purpose?
—George Kelliher, via email

Editor-in-Chief Chad McClung replies:
The inserts are for hanging the unit from the ceiling with eye bolts. But Oneida recommends this only for customers working with machinery such as a full-size lathe, which may not have a suitable work surface on which to set the unit. The user could suspend the dust collector from the ceiling, hanging it behind the lathe, for example. Nevertheless, it would still need to be within 20" of the work for maximum efficiency.

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