Great Gear: Issue 87

Rub out rust

The beauty (and utility) of Sandflex Blocks is more than skin deep. Unlike other foam-core sanding blocks that simply have an abrasive coating, Klingspor’s rubbery versions are impregnated with silicon carbide abrasive so that they expose fresh grit as they’re used. The blocks will flex to sand grooves and curves, but they can also be shaped to match tight contours. Klingspor says the blocks can be used with lubricant, but I find that sweeping away crumbs is easier than wiping off sludge.

Sandflex blocks come in three grits: coarse, medium, and fine. When cleaning up tools and cast-iron tops, I usually start with the medium block and finish up with fine, but at 4 bucks a piece, it makes sense to buy a set in case you have to wrestle with crusty rust.

—Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk

Versatile screws

I’ve become a major consumer of GRK washer-head cabinet screws. Don’t let the “cabinet” designation fool you; these screws are ideal for all kinds of carpentry and woodworking applications. Available in lengths up to 3", the screws install easily thanks to self-tapping tips. The low-profile head, which takes a #15 Torx bit (included in the pack), makes it easy to drive the fastener flush with the wood surface. And the integral washer’s larger diameter enhances holding power. These fasteners are designed for cabinetmaking and installations, but easily earn their keep when you’re making jigs, assembling furniture, or doing remodeling work. (See them in action on p. 38.)

—Tim Snyder

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