Valentine Candy Dispenser

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Give a sweet to your sweetie.

Designer/Builder/Writer: Robert J. Settich

Overall dimensions: 7⅞"w × 4"d × 6"h

This Valentine’s Day, give your sweetheart this shelf-top sweet heart. With its mirror finish, this sleek sculpture begs to be touched and surrender a candy treat with every turn of the arrow. Fill the dispenser with Red Hots (also called Cinnamon Imperials) for good results.

The two-step lacquer finish used is similar to a high-quality automotive finishing. The process involves applying the paint followed by a clear lacquer topcoat, and then polishing the surface. If you haven’t achieved a perfect showroom finish before, the small scale of this project makes it an ideal learning experience.

Note: See the Convenience-Plus Buying Guide for supplies used in this project.

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