Magic Coin Bank

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Mystery and illusion via a tricky mirror

Overall dimensions: 81⁄2 × 81⁄2 × 81⁄2"

This fun and mysterious bank is sure to delight children of all ages. Coins dropped in the slot seem to disappear, leaving the box empty except for a small wooden cube which appears to float in the center. The secret to the illusion is an internal mirror set at a 45° angle, creating the impression that the bank is hollow, while the money drops into the section behind the mirror.

There’s no magic to building this project, but you’ll certainly learn some woodworking tricks. They include a great lesson in spline joinery, with hidden splines used to attach the case parts, and keyed splines used to join the mitered front and rear frames. The only specialty supplies involved are a “front-surface” mirror and a checkerboard-patterned paper liner for the interior. See the Convenience-Plus Buying Guide for the mirror source, and go to woodcraftmagazine. com/magpatterns to print out the liner pattern.

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