Great Gear: Issue 98

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This article is from Issue 98 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Yeti 30 oz Rambler Tumbler $34.99

Climate control for the shop

Not all of my assets for successful woodworking live in my tool cabinet. I hold this insulated tumbler on par with both my block plane and pocket square when it comes to shop efficiency. During the frigid winter months, it keeps my tea piping hot all morning. This is especially important on the days I choose not to run the heat. I can also fill it with ice cubes and water to help keep hydrated throughout those hazy, hot summer afternoons. The tight-fitting plastic lid keeps spills to a minimum, and the magnetic slide seals out dust, limiting my fiber intake to what I actually decide to ingest. You can get this shop essential at Yeti’s website for about 35 bucks. 

—Ken Burton


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