Flat-Panel TV Entertainment Center

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Bring Hollywood into Your Home

Project designed and built by Ben Svec

To help immerse you into the home theater experience, we completely re-thought the concept of the entertainment center, considering today’s components and wiring needs. It’s a timely move because flat panel TVs don’t fit into yesterday’s massive and clunky entertainment centers. Plus those dinosaur designs seldom made room for surround-sound speakers. 

The result you see here is a cherry cabinet that has A-list looks while offering a star performance. Two doors conceal adjustable shelves that house your tuner and media players, and twin drawers hold a treasure trove of favorite movies and video games. The center channel speaker enjoys reserved seating just below the monitor, and the top holds your monitor and front speakers at a comfortable height for both sight and sound. We even created internal wire-access holes to simplify the cable-running process. Large cutouts in the back further simplify the hook-ups, and help your valuable equipment stay cool—no matter how much the action heats up onscreen.

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