Deluxe Crosscut Station with Lumber Rack

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Utility and mobility in one neat package

Designer: Craig Bentzley

Overall dimensions: 96"w × 48"d × 721⁄4"h

One of the best ways to gain space in a woodshop is by having your workstations do more. This shop fixture makes the most of that concept by combining a mitersaw station, lumber rack, and tool storage all into one neat mobile unit.

Creating a multiuse workstation often demands compromise, but not here. The mitersaw station component is fully fleshed out with long auxiliary support tables for easy stock handling. The flip-stops on the fence allow convenient, accurate cutting of multiples, with the left-hand table including an extension with a flip-stop for cutting boards up to 78" long. The saw and tables sit atop a row of spacious storage cabinets that includes drawers and a tilt-out bin for offcuts. Two overhead cabinets with adjustable dividers provide easy access to drills, power nailers, and other commonly used tools.

The lumber rack on the back side can accommodate hundreds of board feet of stock, keeping it organized and accessible for easy retrieval. The rack includes a center pocket for housing sheet goods, which can otherwise be a challenge to store.
Deluxe Station

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