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6341 E. 41st Street
Tulsa,OK 74135

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sunday 12PM - 5PM
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Japanese Saws

Expand your tool arsenal with handsaws that belong to a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship

Yann Giguere teaches Japanese woodworking techniques and take on custom woodworking projects in hi Brooklyn studio, but his first exposure to Japanese-style woodworking was entirely accidental. When he began to learn woodworking in a cabinet shop, they worked primarily with power tools. The one handsaw they had was a Japanese “pull saw.” Hi mentor explained that “we use it because it works great.” I gave it a try! I was “pulled” in. I purchased my first saw and the pleasure grew—motivating me to undertake a formal apprenticeship with a Japanese woodworking master.

You don’t have to be devoted to Japanese woodworking to appreciate the unique qualities of Japanese-style saws. In this article, I’ll provide details on choosing and using the three types of Japanese saws that enable you to do a wide range of cutting by hand.

Click HERE for the article.



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