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Leigh D4R PRO
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D4R-PRO Dovetail Jig


One of the best just got better! The new D4R-24 jig features a one piece aluminum extrusion base with machined-in non marring textured clamping surfaces and machined-in side stops on the top and...

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One of the best just got better! The new D4R-24 jig features a one piece aluminum extrusion base with machined-in non marring textured clamping surfaces and machined-in side stops on the top and front of the jig body. The top side stops have a 3/8" recess for rabbeted boards. Like its predecessor, the D4R easily produces handmade looking dovetail pins and tails. Perfect fitting joints for tiny boxes or large case pieces can be produced in a variety of patterns by simply changing the adjustable guide fingers. Wooden pieces are clamped into the jig quickly and easily with the cam action clamps which can be adjusted for different stock thickness in seconds, or used to repeat the same clamp tension instantly. Through or half blind dovetails can be easily set up by simply flipping the finger assembly over. Jigs are meticulously engineered and constructed. Accepts boards up to 24" wide. Maximum pin thickness 11/4". Includes three carbide router bits, a 1/2" D x 8° x 8mm dovetail bit and a 5/16" x 1" x 8mm straight bit for through dovetails, and a 1/2" D x 14° x 8mm dovetail bit for half blind dovetails. Also included is a 1/2" to 8mm collet reducer and a 7/16" template guide bushing, a comprehensive instruction manual and instructional DVD.


• One piece aluminum extrusion base

• Easily produces handmade looking dovetail pins and tails

• Accepts boards up to 24" wide

• Maximum pin thickness 1-1/4"

• Includes three carbide router bits



5.0 out of 5 stars
2 Reviews
  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    great tool!

    This is my first dovetail jig, been hand cutting them forever. I had ALOT of drawers to build for a job, so i broke down and bought this. My first impression out of the box was how nice the machining is on this tool. I own and have owned many many tools over the years and this is a nice piece. Setting up the jig was time consuming, but VERY well documented in the set up and use book supplied with it ( something that seems to have disappeared from some manufacturers these days..) Once the tool is set up properly and you spend some time with scraps getting used to how the adjustments work and just getting a feel for how to use it, this is GREAT! I have only done full and some smaller half blinds, but i can see that this jig is so versatile, it will be a dream for any other joinery that it is capable of. The only thing i have had a problem with is the concentric bushing included with the kit, but that is because of me not the tool. You have to keep the router straight or there will be slight variations in the cuts. I tend to rotate the router handles around while I'm routing something, more for visibility than anything and this cant be done with the concentric bushing. Again, not a problem with the tool, just something i need to get used to. I can see the bushing being a good idea for making micro adjustments without changing the jig setting, so with time, i think i will get used to it and find it invaluable. I got this with the accessory kit and the vac pick up on the router support is a nice addition for keeping the floor clean, and it works well. The set of bits that come in the kit is very nice, in a nice wood box with plenty of room for additional bits. It comes with all the bits you are going to need for most basic joinery that one will do with this jig. The router support is stable, and unless you are using a very large, heavy router ( why would you anyway for this?? ) it works well and can be removed easily as it is held in place by magnets. Overall a great tool.

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    Best all around Jig

    I have used many Jigs and this is the best I have used. Makes easy work of sliding dovetails and I mean easy. Support from Leigh is fast, easy and helpful.

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