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Laguna RK100-125
Item 848264

Resaw King 1" x 125" Carbide Tipped Bandsaw Blade



Ships on May 3, 2017

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If you’re interested in maximizing the yield of expensive veneer grade woods and reducing the sanding necessary to create a finished surface while cutting through thick, heavy stock like a knife going through hot butter, this is the blade for you. Normal bandsaw blades use a hooked tooth design, with a set on each tooth that creates a larger kerf and leaves a rough cut. The Resaw King looks more like a table saw blade with its C8 carbide tipped teeth that are individually brazed and ground to perfection on a stress crack resistant Swedish silicon steel backing. Combine these one-of-a-kind features with the 1" width and the vibration/harmonic reducing 2-3 TPI variable pitch tooth design and the result is a massive blade will easily slice ultra-smooth, wafer thin veneers with minimal waste.


  • Width: 1"

  • Backing: .024"

  • Kerf: .041" (1.0mm)

  • TPI: 2-3 Variable

  • Pitch: 12mm/14mm/16mm

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