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Model MDCPF32201

Laguna - P | Flux 3 HP 220 v Cyclone HEPA

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Laguna’s P|Flux series offers peerless performance. It sports standard black HEPA filtration and is filled with innovative details. An LED light shows when the drum is full and needs emptied, and...

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Laguna’s P|Flux series offers peerless performance. It sports standard black HEPA filtration and is filled with innovative details. An LED light shows when the drum is full and needs emptied, and an LED shows when the filter needs to be cleaned. It even has swing-away doors which have acoustic foam on the inside to lower the unit’s noise level.

When lifting the drum into position, a connector on the back of the drum automatically hooks up to a pipe in cyclone this way creating a low pressure area in the bottom of the drum. This is designed to hold down the plastic bag to avoid it being sucked up into the cone during use. This smart system is a vast improvement over the last generation. If you choose to use the P|Flux without a bag you can simply shut off the system using a valve offering you speed and flexibility.


Motor HP: 3 HP, Single Phase, 220V
Amps: 22
Hertz: 60 Hz
RPM: 3450
High frequency hand-held remote control
Nominal CFM: 2817
Max Static Pressure (inches of water): 11.2”
Impeller / Fan Size: 15.5”
Impeller Material: Steel
Inlet Diameters: 8” by 4” x 3 ports
Drum capacity: 33 gallon
Drum collection Bag: 24” x 37-3/8”
Filtration efficiency: 0.4micron @ 99.92%
Canister cleaning: Internal pulse cleaning
MERV Rating: 16+
All casters are 4” flat casters
Machine Weight: 351 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 419 lbs.
Assembled Dimensions (L x W x H): 47” x 28” x 80”


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5.0 out of 5 stars
2 Reviews
  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    Highly recommended

    I purchased this in the beginning of 2020 for use in an 1000 sqft shop that I ha e in my basement. My woodshop is completely enclosed with 220v plane, jointer, tablesaw, bandsaw and 110v lathe, miter and sanders. So Lots of dust! I had originally had a smaller grizzly dc that never kept up and left visible dust on and around tools. I installed an 8” spiral duct main around the perimeter of the space with 6” drops to all tools. All the Bill Pentz materials that I reviewed indicated a bigger main duct to facilitate movement of air and higher capture rate of small particles. This 3hp HEPA DC cleans the air remarkably well even with multiple tools running. I use a Dylos Air Quality meter and with the DC running, it drops the small particulate number (=0.5um) to below 30 (for reference outside air in Michigan is between 300-700) in the far end of the shop! Highly recommended.

  2. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    I love my Laguna

    I’ve had my 3HP Laguna-P flux for about a year now. I love this machine! The 3 HP was probably overkill for my one man shop but I wanted a mobile unit powerful enough to serve as a stationary unit should I ever decide to put ductwork in my shop. The P flux has exceeded my expectations. I currently use it with my planer, jointer, table saw, band saw, miter saw, and router table. I use a 20 foot length of 4-inch flexihose with quick connect fittings to connect it to each piece of equipment as I need it. I keep one of the unused 4-inch ports on the multihead open while collecting from 1 tool (as recommended) and I have never had an issue with inadequate airflow. The unit will easily collect from 2 tools at once and probably 3 but as a 1 man shop I’ve never needed to do this. It is working so well I will probably not bother to install ductwork, saving myself space and money. Emptying the canister is easy and the included remote makes it a pleasure to use. I do have a few comments and recommendations for anyone considering purchase. 1) This is a large and heavy machine for which you will need help at a couple points during assembly 2) Assembly will take at least a half day (possibly longer) so plan accordingly. 3) The on-line assembly video (at least at the time I purchased mine), while very helpful, was a bit out of date and did not exactly match the written instructions. 4) I’ve read reviews that complain about the HEPA filter frequently clogging – that has not been my experience. I’ve had my unit for about a year - emptying the canister numerous times, but have not yet needed to empty/clean my HEPA filter. 5) I’ve also read complaints about the full bag light coming on frequently. Mine does as well after installing a new or empty bag. I found the problem was due to a fold in the empty bag interfering with the sensor path. It is a simple matter to tweak the bag installation to eliminate the problem. 6) The casters on the unit are not built for “off road” use so if you plan to move it a lot you will need to make sure your floor is relatively smooth and flat and free of obstructions (e.g. power cords and the like). I have a standard concrete slab floor and my unit rolls easily across the floor. 7) My only real complaint (a very minor one) is that the acorn nuts used to hold the bottom of the canister were ridiculously small and unless you have gorilla arms, nearly impossible to install by yourself. This could have been better engineered (and perhaps has been already). In summary, I strongly recommend the 3 HP Laguna-p flux for anyone considering a quality dust collection system.

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