View a Larger Image of 10" Fusion 1-3/4HP 36" Fence, Cast Iron Wings, with Riving Knife
View a Larger Image of 10" Fusion 1-3/4HP 36" Fence, Cast Iron Wings, with Riving Knife
View a Larger Image of 10" Fusion 1-3/4HP 36" Fence, Cast Iron Wings, with Riving Knife
  • View a Different Image of 10" Fusion 1-3/4HP 36" Fence, Cast Iron Wings, with Riving Knife
  • View a Different Image of 10" Fusion 1-3/4HP 36" Fence, Cast Iron Wings, with Riving Knife
  • View a Different Image of 10" Fusion 1-3/4HP 36" Fence, Cast Iron Wings, with Riving Knife
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Item 852712
Model MTSAW17536110

Laguna - 10" Fusion 1-3/4HP 36" Fence, Cast Iron Wings, with Riving Knife

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The Original Fusion Table Saw is a premium light-duty table saw. Unlike other hybrids, the trunion is not attached to the tabletop, but mounted onto the frame like a real cabinet saw. This...

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The Original Fusion Table Saw is a premium light-duty table saw. Unlike other hybrids, the trunion is not attached to the tabletop, but mounted onto the frame like a real cabinet saw. This configuration ensures the tabletop stays flat. The Fusion offers a host of deluxe features such as onboard fence storage, a quick-change riving knife and precision fence system. Includes: base saw, 36" fence system, built-in casters, blade insert, 10" carbide tipped blade, pushstick and instruction manual.
Motor: 1-3/4 HP, 110 volt (15 amp)
Blade diameter: 10"
Tilt: left tilt
Built-in casters for mobility
Quick-release riving knife
Safety blade guard
Rip capacity: 36" right & 12" left
Blade tilt: 0, 45°
Cast tabletop dimension: 20" x 27"
Cast-iron wings: two, each 12" x 27"
Table height: 34 1/2"
Miter slots: 3/4" x 3/8"
Dust port: 4"
Weight: 266 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 396 lbs.

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New woodworking machines sold by Laguna Tools carry a one-year warranty effective from the date of shipping. Laguna bandsaw blades' welds are backed by their 1-yr manufacturer's warranty. Machines sold through dealers must be registered with Laguna Tools within 30 days of purchase to be covered by this warranty. Laguna Tools guarantees all new machine sold to be free of manufacturers’ defective workmanship, parts and materials. Laguna Tools will repair or replace, without charge, any parts determined by Laguna Tools, Inc. to be a manufacturer’s defect. They require that the defective item/part be returned to Laguna Tools with the complaint. In the event the item/part is determined to be damaged due to lack of maintenance, cleaning or misuse/abuse, the customer will be responsible for the cost to replace the item/part, plus all related shipping charges.

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3.6 out of 5 stars
5 Reviews
  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    Very Happy

    Being used to cabinet saws but not having 220 in my workshop I picked this saw. Overall I am very happy. The table is flat and the fence is nice. I replaced the blade immediately and was able to rip 1.5" maple. It's not a professional saw, but those are a lot more money. I recommend it for a home workshop to make precise cuts.

  2. 4.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    Unbox and shipping

    I have not used this saw yet. I have only unpackaged it. So far I can tell for the most part it is very well built. I am suspicious of the durability of the lower case though, and the wheels seem to be a little on the cheap side. This is a beautiful machine. I am very excited to turn it on. My intent of this review is to talk about the ordering process for this item. During checkout I was under the impression that the saw would ship today. I had this impression because right above my final price it said "Ships Today" I was later disappointmed when I found it was shipped from the manufacturer. (Only because of time). It took about 10 days to get to me. 3 days after it finally shipped. Anyway I was never informed that my item ever shipped. No email. It was only the day before delivery that I was notified of this items whereabouts. (If you want to know you have to call Laguna as I did they were very friendly) Woodcraft has had good customer service too so far they returned all my calls, and If you're a patient person then you'll have no problems at all. The only Area for improvement I think would be for laguna to send an email when the order ships, or is expected to ship< and if they can't, woodcraft should coordinate with them and do it. And for woodcraft to fix their checkout page to remove the "ships today" from the final order page. Thanks, I hope this helps. I'll try to come back and write another review of the saw itself, but I might be too busy ripping wood.

  3. 1.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    Complete failure of Customer Service

    The saw seems good, but it arrived with a warped table. Because of this, the miter slot CANNOT be aligned with the blade. Everytime you begin to tighten the bolts, it gets pulled away from parallel. I did all the normal things - loosened bolts, checked table with reliable straight edge, took photos to send to Laguna Customer support, followed all their instructions to align, etc., etc. In the end, they said they would send a new table-top, then a new saw altogtether in case it was the cabinet instead. I thought this was great. Then, I never heard back. Had to call, to find out that a shipment wasn't due until following week So I waited. Work was 80 hrs a week starting then, and continued. I never heard back about one arriving, and never heard from CS about any delays. Finally, I get a break and call them a month later. They then tell me "I thoughth this was taken care of", but in fact no shipments ever arrived (according to them), and was delayed again for a few days. The day of the shipment's arrival has come and gone, and 5 days later, still no word from CS. A lot of money to never hear back about what is happening. If they finally take care of it, I'll give the saw 2 stars. But I probably will not deal with Laguna again.

  4. 4.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    Basically a good saw, BUT ...

    First, the guts of this saw - the trunnions, DC pulley driven motor (soft start), gearing, bevel and height adjustment cranks and gearing appear to be first rate. Not a $3,000 saw, so cast iron trunnions, etc., as you would expect, but all the important stuff seems to be made of high quality steel that is well machined. Second, once it's set up (see below!), it's simple and well laid out. The 1.75 HP motor runs pretty quietly and should cut anything you want (I do mostly hardwoods). Third, it didn't just come packaged, it was crated using quarter inch ply. Took about a week to get it by semi-truck. Fourth - BUT - there were the following down side things to consider: (1) Everything was out of adjustment, and while most DIYers will figure it out, anyone who has more than two thumbs or difficulty figuring out how to install door latches will have problems. (2) The manual is really amusing, written in Chinglish. Unless you already know how things are supposed to work, it's useless and incomplete (ex., no mention of where to attach the rip fence holding brackets or the on/off switch). The pictures are of poor quality and also largely unhelpful. (3) NOTHING was square! I had to adjust the table top attached by 3 bolts to the cabinet; the "table insert" (blade cover) was fully 1/4" off. The rip fence wasn't even close, about 3 degrees off front to back. Oddly, the miter guide was right on. BUT, the rip fence ruler was WAY off! Good thing it's a glued on plastic ruler because I had to carefully reeve it and relocate both the left and right rip fence rulers about 5/8" and tape down the unruly ends (argh, another pun) with aluminum tape. This is all stupid stuff and should not be paired with what appears to be a very good "drive train" and very good performance once it is up and running. However, all the adjustment mechanisms were very well designed and easy. Still, i never had those aggravations with my JET equipment, and it's irritating enough so I would not recommend it to anyone who isn't a patient tinker. Elsewise, it's a fine saw.

  5. 4.0 out of 5 stars
    by on

    Really pleased!

    Ordered on a Tuesday and had it by Friday. Super, fast service. Product was well packed and there were no damage issues. Setup was about what you would expect, which I found to be fairly easy. Alignment was pretty accurate right out of the box. It's quiet, dust collection seems to be good, and all the controls are smooth. I'm a very happy woodworker! Only downside is there is no dado throat plate available, so I'll be making my own, which is no big deal. The push stick atop the fence is pretty lame idea, and actually pushed my fingers towards the blade, so that was easily , and quickly removed with extreme predjudice. Otherwise no complaints at all. It is not a 3hp cabinet saw, and I didn't want one. It is a top of the line hybrid and seems to be well worth the money. Thanks Woodcraft!

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