Next Wave Automation

Next Wave Automation

Next Wave Automation is a company that specializes in manufacturing CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines and accessories for woodworking and other precision cutting applications. 

  1. CNC Machines: Next Wave Automation offers a range of CNC machines designed for woodworking, carving, and other precision cutting tasks. These machines are often suitable for both hobbyists and professionals who want to automate and streamline their woodworking projects.

  2. CNC Accessories: In addition to CNC machines, Next Wave Automation provides various accessories to complement their CNC systems. This may include router mounts, laser attachments, and other components that enhance the functionality of their machines.

  3. Software Solutions: Next Wave Automation offers software solutions that work in conjunction with their CNC machines. This software helps users design, program, and control the CNC operations, making it easier to create intricate and detailed woodworking projects.

  4. Touch Probes: Next Wave Automation manufactures touch probes designed for CNC machines. These probes assist in setting up workpieces, zeroing the machine, and measuring the material's dimensions accurately.

  5. Dust Collection Accessories: As dust collection is important in woodworking, Next Wave Automation provides accessories like dust boots and hoses to help keep the work area clean when using their CNC machines.