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Model CTMPB02008 #8

Black Dog Salvage - BDS #8 Round Furniture Paint Brush

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The Number 8 Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint Round Brush is made of only the finest materials to create a long lasting, fun to use brush for applying not only our Black Dog Salvage paint but also...

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The Number 8 Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint Round Brush is made of only the finest materials to create a long lasting, fun to use brush for applying not only our Black Dog Salvage paint but also any chalk paint, furniture paint, milk paint or topcoat. The brush design is based on a round sash brush with some important differences, the first being the long solid birch handle, which acts as a counterbalance to the brushing action to reduce forearm and wrist fatigue when painting. Secondly, the bristle portion is comprised of both natural and synthetic bristles that are hand trimmed in a dome shape. We like the way the natural bristles and dome shape convey paint to the surface, while the synthetic bristles help the brush maintain its shape during repeated use. Long brush life is important to us, because in our architectural salvage business we prefer repurposing to trashing materials as much as possible.

Tips for the BDS paint brush:

To extend the life of this brush, we’ve put together some tips on how to use it and care for it prior to painting and after you’re done.

Dampen the brush with water prior to use. It makes applying the paint easier.

Don’t put a paint filled brush in the freezer or fridge for any reason if you must stop painting. We’ve heard of this practice being recommended and we’re not sure why, because it makes a big mess.

Cleaning the brush is easier. This paint cleans up with plain water. Use a paint comb starting where the ferrule begins by inserting the comb and drawing through to the end of the bristle until the water is clean and free of color.

Condition the brush using a cheap hair conditioner – just a little. Rinse with water.

We've conveniently left a hole in the handle to allow you to ang the brush on a nail to dry.


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