The Bandsaw Method


Woodcraft is proud to present The Bandsaw Method: Tour 2023, taught by Alex Snodgrass, a recognized bandsaw expert with over thirty years of experience. A renowned master woodworker, Alex has a website,, and a popular YouTube channel as well. 


Maximizing Your Bandsaw Seminar

In this hands-on seminar, Alex Snodgrass will show you everything you need to know to get your bandsaw running at an optimum performance level. Alex will review all aspects of a multitude of topics, such as tune-up, blade selection, guide adjustments and selection, resawing, and scroll cutting, as well as an overview of all the latest and greatest bandsaw accessories.

See below for scheduled Seminars in early 2023, and check Your Local Woodcraft for scheduling and sign up information. Seating is limited!

3D Cutting Board Class

Learn how to build a 3D Cutting Board with a bandsaw, class taught by Alex Snodgrass.

Alex Snodgrass

This is a great opportunity to make a 3D cutting board with the master himself: Alex Snodgrass. Using only three different woods – maple, cherry, and walnut – Alex will show each student how to make a stunning 3D end-grain cutting board. He will begin by teaching each student how to tune a bandsaw to make perfect cuts. Students will then progress through techniques required to build a cutting board: how to make dead-on straight cuts and accurate angled cuts on the bandsaw, and how to plane, sand, glue, and clamp the cutting board. Topics to be covered include: bandsaw myths debunked, bandsaw mechanics, correct blade tension, accurate angle cuts, gluing techniques, end-grain planing, end-grain pattern alignment, food-safe finishes, and care and maintenance of cutting boards.  

By the end of the day, each student will have a fantastic 3D cutting board made with their own hands! This class is designed for woodworkers of all skill levels. From the beginner to the advanced woodworker, every student will leave the class with a 3D cutting board and a smile on their face.

See below for scheduled Classes in early 2023, and check Your Local Woodcraft for scheduling and sign up information. Seating is limited!


February 1-2
Orlando, FL
Seminar & Class

February 4-5
Jacksonville, FL
Seminar & Class

February 7-8
Birmingham, AL
Seminar & Class

February 10-11
West Atlanta, GA
Seminar & Class

February 12-13
Atlanta, GA
Seminar & Class

February 21-22
Knoxville, TN
Seminar & Class

February 24-25
Greenville, SC
Seminar & Class

February 27
Charlotte, NC
Seminar Only

February 28
Raleigh, NC
Seminar Only

March 2-3
Roanoke, VA
Seminar & Class

March 10-11
Houston, TX
Seminar & Class

March 12
SW Houston, TX
Class Only

March 13-14
San Antonio, TX
Seminar & Class

March 15-16
Austin, TX
Seminar & Class

March 17-18
Ft. Worth, TX
Seminar & Class

March 19
Dallas, TX
Class Only

March 21-22
Oklahoma City, OK
Seminar & Class

March 23-24
Tulsa, OK
Seminar & Class

March 31-April 1
Lenexa, KS
Seminar & Class

April 3-4
St. Louis, MO
Seminar & Class

April 6-7
Louisville, KY
Seminar & Class

April 14-15
Lexington, KY
Seminar & Class

April 17-18
Cincinnati, OH
Seminar & Class

April 19-20
Toledo, OH
Seminar & Class

April 21-22
Grand Rapids, MI
Seminar & Class

April 23-24
Sterling Heights, MI
Seminar & Class

April 25
Canton, MI

April 27-28
Cleveland, OH
Seminar & Class

April 29-30
Pittsburgh, PA
Seminar & Class

May 9-10
Omaha, NE
Seminar & Class

May 11
Iowa City, IA

May 13-14
Indianapolis, IN
Seminar & Class

May 15-16
Columbus, OH
Seminar & Class
May 23-24
Colorado Springs, CO
Seminar & Class

May 25-26
Loveland, CO
Seminar & Class

May 27-28
Denver, CO
Seminar & Class

June 16-17
Salt Lake City, UT
Seminar & Class

June 19-21
Boise, ID
Seminar & Class

June 23-25
Spokane, WA
Seminar & Class

June 27-28
Portland, OR
Seminar & Class

June 30-July 1
Eugene, OR
Seminar & Class

Coming Soon To a Woodcraft Store Near You

Don't see your hometown woodworking and hardware store on the scheduled list above? No need to worry! Please stay tuned to this page for updates to the tour schedule. You can also check with Your Local Woodcraft for information about upcoming dates for The Bandsaw Method Tour 2023 Seminars and Classes. 


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