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Occasionally I receive referral blog ideas from my fellow co-workers. This one is from Kim Scott, our Retail Inventory Assistant, here at Woodcraft. Many thanks to Kim for her input and helping with content structure!

Rob and Mona Jenkins operate a local 60 ft. x 40 ft. woodshop called Rob’s Cabinet Shop in Vienna, West Virgina. Together they have created and photographed over 10 years worth of woodworking projects, organized in three albums consisting of kitchen & bath cabinetry, living & dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, and various arts & crafts activities. Not only have they built every piece of furniture in their show rooms, but they have also combined their talents to form a successful marriage with a woodworking business while building beautiful high quality hand made projects for others.

Red Oak Carved Chain w/ Dark Walnut Stain

Rob learned woodworking during his Jackson junior high and Parkersburg senior high school days. After graduation, he worked in building maintenance for JC Penney followed by Montgomery Ward. Rob was given wood scraps which he would turn into small projects, because that’s all he could afford.

Rob and Mona were married in 1983, and began their woodworking adventures together. Rob’s self-taught woodworking abilities grew with his imagination, desire and creativity. Looking in Woodcraft Magazines, Rob would ask himself how he could make some of the projects without the tools that were shown, because they could not afford those at the time either.

Showing pictures of his hand-made projects to the owner of Oakwood Furniture in Lowell, Ohio, Rob acquired a woodworking job, where he made furniture for 6 years. During that time he grew his personal woodshop by slowly acquiring mostly used tools. Rob decided to turn his woodworking hobby into his own cabinetry business in 2002. Working 12-14 hour days at first, he continued to add new tools, and made Mona part of the business by teaching her how to paint, burn, drill, sand and stain. Mona also learned how to build drawers, edge band shelving for finishing, assemble cabinet backs, and helps Rob install onsite customer cabinets. She also runs the front end of the business, taking care of the office work, taxes, invoices and billing. They have acquired customers in 6 states, making and installing cabinetry in churches, homes and offices.

In addition to his cabinet shop, Rob and Mona have renovated a house while designing…

…and creating every piece of furniture therein.

Golden oak kitchen cabinets

Golden oak plant shelves & spice rack cabinets

Natural sassafras clock with Woodcraft clock insert.

Soft maple coffee & end tables with honey maple stain,

The dining room is a themed collection, encased with Rob’s red oak designs, finished with early American stain,

The bath is exquisitely designed with a transparent cultured marble onyx countertop sink with a switched night light fixture, surrounded by red oak stained, cherry cabinets, closet, and skirting,

One bedroom is detailed with poplar and finished with red mahogany,

…and the other is outfitted in red oak , with a dark walnut stain finish…

soft maple with honey oak stain bedroom ensemble,

…with an added aromatic cedar blanket chest.

With all of Rob & Mona’s creative talents, you’ll want to have them build something for you! Contact Rob’s Cabinet Shop through email at

Off to their workshop, where the hand craftsmanship takes place…

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