Reader Showcase: Issue 111

Fred Williams

Parkersburg, WV

Not built in a day. Retired schoolteacher and avid carver Williams gave the classic game of dominoes a twist. After cutting the tiles from basswood, he carved Roman numerals into each gamepiece, instead of traditional dots. Then he colored the carvings with artists paint. After making three double-twelve sets, each comprising 91 dominoes, he crafted and carved a trio of basswood boxes featuring simple miters, hinged lids, and brass clasps. The cases each measure 3 × 5 × 9". After months of carving, Williams dreamed up the unique name for his invention: “Roman Ominoes.”

Douglas Head 

Thayne, WY

See saws. Wanting to organize and display his restored antique handsaw collection, Head designed and built this saw rack. The body is crafted from poplar and walnut, with saw-shaped endcaps stained gray. Slots hold the Western saws, while magnets aid in hanging the Japanese saws. The rack measures 371⁄4 × 50 7⁄8 × 87⁄8". The grain-matched drawers feature brass Disston saw medallions as pulls. It looks saw-some!

Edward D’Antonio

Bluffton, SC

Cool beans. Novice woodworker D’Antonio picked up a cast-iron coffee grinder mechanism from Woodcraft (#163372), then mounted it atop a red oak and walnut box. The case measures 5 1⁄2 × 5 1⁄2 × 3", and both it and the drawer are assembled using box joints. D’Antonio attached the mechanism with lock washers to secure against vibration caused by grinding the beans. Grounds fall into the removable drawer, where they can be scooped to make the morning joe.

Bobby Gilham

Marietta, OH

Nice job! Gilham, an employee at the Parkersburg, WV Woodcraft, rummaged the store’s stock of claro walnut blanks to create this beautiful chopping board. He wanted to show customers what could be done with the product. The board measures 19 1⁄2 × 12 5⁄8 × 1 1⁄2", and stands on raised feet. After gluing up the board, he sanded it and applied a food-safe finish to enhance the walnut’s spectacular figure. We hope our readers appreciate his efforts as much as his customers do.

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