Extreme Garage Shop Makeover – Part 3

In this 3rd part blog on the Extreme Garage Shop Makeover, we take a look at the project Joe created with two Flip-Top Bench Tool Cabinets, one for his DELTA Planer, and one for the Rikon Sander.

When the power tools are not in use, just flip them over, and you will have useful work space.

Joe points out the different wheels below (RH), added for the type of mobility he desired using two fixed-base, and two swiveling casters. Joe shares some ideas on considerations of wheels types, how to place them and why.


The layout (LH), gives you an idea of what is needed for this cabinet build. On pages 46-51 of Issue #43 you will find all the details for the complete construction of this flip-top cart with the cut list, convenience-plus buying guide, and some tips and tricks too.

Joe constructed his cabinet to have the same height level as his tablesaw, so they work together in a small workshop environment, plus giving him the added support when needed as shown planing the boards above. Note the additional adjustable storage shelves for easily accessed tools and supplies. Adding cabinet doors would aid in the sawdust prevention factor, but in a small shop environment might hinder space considerations during use. Get this months issue #43, build your own, and decide what fits your shop needs!

In this video, you will get additional information from Joe on this cabinet,


We’ll have a couple more Extreme Garage Shop Makeover projects from this issue to entice your creativity in the creation of your own shop.

Get to your local Woodcraft storeWoodcraft Magazine on-line, to Home Depot, or your favorite newsstand to get the Oct/Nov Issue #43 of Woodcraft Magazine.


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