Build a Custom Tool Wall

No matter the size of your workshop, having it well-organized is the most efficient use of your space as well as your time.  We’ve all experienced the frustration of being in the middle of a job and needing a tool … but where the heck is it? This project may just motivate you to get organized once and for all, and keep it that way.

When Troy Hawkins of Logan, Utah, designed a custom tool wall for his shop, which he shares with his vehicle, he knew “utilizing every surface is a must.” Not satisfied with his previous pegboard system, he decided to take inventory of every item he wanted to store on the wall, and then build simple holders for each type of tool. “Deciding to move the bulk of my tool storage to the wall not only freed up much-needed space on my workbench, but it makes locating that one tool much easier.”

Combination Wrench Holder uses dowels at an angle to secure wrenches. 

Square Shelf has ledges on each side to keep the squares from falling off. 

Brad-Point Drill Bits are held up by a backer board that matches the shape of the holder.

Pencil Holder keeps writing utensils all in one place.

Once all the holders were complete, Troy did a mock layout on his workbench to arrange them to his liking. Finally, he attached each holder to the wall and loaded up his tools. 

“When it’s time to put everything away, everything has a spot, making it easy to see exactly what is not where it should be.”

Troy entered his project into the 2017 Instructables online Woodworking competition. His complete Instructable with additional photos and instructions may be found here - Custom Tool Wall

A Utah State University student studying mechanical engineering, Troy also works as a community manager for Instructables. He has been working with wood since he was old enough to pick up a hammer and nail. That curiosity turned into a love of making interesting, obscure, and useful things with common materials. Check out more of Troy’s projects on his Instructables page

Could you use something like this custom tool wall in your workspace? Stop by your local Woodcraft store for help getting organized this summer!

We hope you’ll be inspired! 

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