Woodcraft Magazine April/May 2013 Issue #52

In Woodcraft Magazine’s April/May Issue #52 are eighty pages filled with information you’ve got to have for your woodshop!  Projects in this issue covers how to create a Tool Tote with hand-cut dovetails and wedge-tenon joinery.  Learn how to make an Arts & Crafts Lamp with quartersawn 4-surfaced sides, and build an Outdoor Table with Benches featuring loose-tenon joinery where you can additionally build a mortising jig useful in this project as well as future projects.  This Projects category also features “Projects for Kids” with a first installment Birdhouse build, showing how to start a youngster down the righteous path of woodworking!

The Tools & Techniques area of the magazine include a Complete Guide to Woodworking Glues with a Glue Chart you can hang in your shop for quick reference.

The Restoring Outdoor Projects article will give you the know how in adding years to the life of wooden lawn and patio furniture.  In a six-step methodology, this issue shows you how to Tackle Tablesaw Tear-Out.  In the Well-Stocked Shop category, we’ll show you how to stock your shop with the correct Angle Measuring Tools, with a Bevel Gauge, a Digital Bevel Gauge, Analog Protractor, and a Digital Angle Gauge.

Tool Tote by Mario Rodriguez

Lamp by Tom Svec

Table & Benches by Ken Burton

Birdhouse by Collin Kidd & Jim Harrold

Our Hot New Tools reviews products of Odie’s OilChappell Universal Center and Gauging Squares, the Jorgensen Casework Claw ClampTight-Spot Sandit Sanders, and Big Gator Tools V-Drill Guide.

There are plenty of Tips & Tricks sent in from woodworkers just like you, and our Woodsense in this issue puts the spotlight on North America’s do-it-all lumber, Birch.

This is the best woodworking value for $5.99 that you can get, even better than McDonald’s with less calories!!

So shed some light on your woodworking with Woodcraft Magazine, Issue #52 for April & May of 2013, at your favorite newsstand, Woodcraft store, or on-line today!

We’ll see you at the next Woodworking Adventure,
auf Wiedersehen…Frank!

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