Workshop Layout and Safety

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Workshop Safety Procedures

Wear eye protection at all times. 

Keep clothing and hair away from the tool and cutter. Long hair should be tied up or back so that it can not become entangled in the machine. 

Know the safety rules for each machine before plugging in the power cord. 

Inspect the tool, power cord, and cutter to be certain that they are in proper working order. 

Never operate a tool with a dull or broken cutter. 

Always clamp the stock to a bench or sawhorse before starting a cut. 

Never operate the tool near water or flammable gases or vapors.

If a tool is not running correctly shut it off and do not use it until the problem is fixed. 

Do no talk to anyone who is operating a tool. 

Never place your hands under the tool or board.

Allow the cutter to gain full speed before staring the cut. 

Do not force the tool; use light cuts. 

Arrange the cord so that it does not interfere with the cut. Keep your hands on the handles of the tool.



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