Without The Wood, It’s Just Working…

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In this months Woodcraft catalog, July 2012 edition is a special layout showing hundreds of wood species. With varieties from Ash to Zebrawood in styles of bandings to veneers, now is the time for you to benefit from this special offering with savings up to 60% off. You will also find these savings at your local Woodcraft store and online.

The catalog front cover with fold-out creation took 2 days for setup, layout  and photography shoot with various test shots, highlighting and blending with digital composites.

According to Woodcraft’s Senior Graphic Designer, Print Production Manager, and Photographer, Bob Etter, “This fold out display was a good way of showing what Woodcraft has to offer to fill your woodworking requirements. You may see something in the landscape of wood that may inspire you to use for your projects that you perhaps would not not have thought of before. This is our way of showing Woodcraft’s availability, range, size, color and dimension of woods that can fit any product need. Because without the wood, it’s just working!” (Catalog & Blog title credit to Kyle Crabtree, Woodcraft Internet Marketing Specialist).

Keep your eyes out for new species and new promotions in Woodcraft’s wood products lines, at your local Woodcraft storeonline, and in Woodcraft Magazine where you will find in every issue, a different highlight on “Wood Sense – A Guide to Understanding Wood.”

How did we get from this…

to this……

George Snyder and Bob Etter

well it took these two guys, (left to right) George and Bob laying out and rearranging the wood for just the right shot,

Jim Osborn, Darin Lawrence, George Snyder, and Bob Etter

And these guys, (left to right) Jim Osborn of Osborn Photographic Illustration Inc, Darin Lawrence, Woodcraft Product Development Director, George Snyder and Bob Etter, choosing, enhancing, and approving the best cover photo.

Be sure to get your monthly copy of the Woodcraft catalog at your local store or go to Woodcraft.com for the online version.

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