Spun Spoons

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Stir up some fun on the lathe! 

Sometimes it’s fun to get away from the rigors and complexity of multi-piece projects, and make something kind of off-the-cuff from a single bit of wood. I find that making a wooden spoon or two fills this need for instant gratification in the shop. Plus, the finished pieces make excellent gifts for the cooks in my life. While there are many ways to make a wooden spoon, I prefer to turn the handle and the basic shape of the bowl on the lathe, which creates a distinctive looking utensil. Once the handle is complete, I finish shaping the outside of the bowl with a stationary belt sander, and hollow the inside with a carving gouge. A little sanding on the drill press and a soak in mineral oil complete the job. It usually doesn’t take me more than an hour or so of fun to crank out a spoon.

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