Next Wave SHARK SD100 CNC Machine–Unboxing and Setup Video

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In this video we go from opening the box to finishing our first cut in no time with this super beginner friendly, easy to use CNC Machine. 

The Shark SD100 (formerly known as the Barracuda) come fully assembled and with both the VCarve desktop software and the Ready2Control CNC controller software. It comes at a fantastic price point and with Next Wave's "Shark Swap" Trade in program you can trade in the SD100 to get money back when you purchase a bigger machine down the line. Next Wave will then take your old machine, refurbish is, and donate it to one of many tech schools across the country. (see product page for more details)

VCarve Information:

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    Can you use a plug-in router as opposed to battery operated? ANSWER: Yes, you can. The perfect corded router for this unit is the 848343 - DeWalt - Variable Speed Compact Router with LEDs, 1.25 HP, Model DWP611.
  • JH
    Can you run this machine using a Chromebook or do you need a laptop that will download software? Are there bluetooth connectors that can be used between the machine and the computer? ANSWER: A laptop or standard computer with the capability to download software must be used. At this time, there are no wireless/Bluetooth connections. Thanks!
  • JG from Forest Grove
    Can the new Milwaukee cordless router be used as well? ANSWER: The diameter of the motor housing is the key – As long as the motor diameter is between 2.56” – 2.825” it will work! Thanks!
  • JG from Forest Grove
    Can this be used on a Mac? ANSWER - This Vetric software will not work with a MAC. Thanks.
  • br from pasadena
    He was awful fast with the software set up. I have been wanting one for years, the software part scares me.

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