Easy Wood Tools Now Offers Easy Wood Chucks

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How many chucks would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

One! One Easy Chuck is all he needs!

He would start chucking it with the NEW Easy Wood 4″ Chucks by Easy Wood Tools because this chuck changes everything.  This chuck will be the easiest chuck you will ever use.  The new Easy Chuck™ is truly the world’s first and finest Chucking SYSTEM.  The exclusive Quick-change Easy Jaws and finger tip control of the Zoom Ring make the Easy Chuck a true “system” for lathe chucking by allowing you to change projects in just 30 seconds.


Step up to the Easy Chuck™, and see what innovation is all about – experience a game changing evolution in woodturning technology! Featuring patent pending Easy Chuck Snap Lock Technology (SLT™), Easy Jaws™ system and an integrated Zoom Ring™, we guarantee you the Easy Chuck will change the way you view woodturning chucks.  The combination of Snap-Lock Technology and Easy Jaws system allows for simple and quick jaw changes.  Change all four jaws in 30 seconds or less!  Using the supplied jaw key tool, depress the keeper latch to release the jaw, which then effortlessly slides off the chuck body.  Unlike other chucks, Easy Chuck jaws are not sequential, or position dedicated, on the chuck, but can slide into any position on the chuck body.  Slide the jaw into place, listen for the “SNAP”, and the jaw is locked into position and ready for use.  No more fumbling with screws or worrying about sequencing jaws on a chuck! Securing a workpiece with the Easy Chuck has never been easier, thanks to the innovative Zoom Ring™ technology.  Spin the Zoom Ring with your fingertips, clockwise to tighten or counterclockwise to loosen, and watch how quickly the jaws reposition.  Once the work piece is “fingertip” secured in the jaws with the Zoom Ring, final tightening with the supplied T-handled chuck key ensures a secure mount.  For added versatility, double set screws have been incorporated into the chuck body design so the body can be secured to the spindle for reverse sanding operations.  The Easy Chuck includes 1-3/8″ Dovetail Jaws for gripping 1-3/8″ tenons and features an overall expansion of 2″.


Accessory jaws, sold separately (below), allowing you to put the Easy Chuck through its paces with a variety of project applications and no more fasteners to worry about.

  • 1″ x 8 TPI – Item #154689
  • 1-1/4″ – 8 TPI – Item #157857
  • Snap-Lock Technology (SLT™) uses no jaw screws or wrenches to exchange jaws
  • Change jaws in 30 seconds or less
  • Jaws can be placed in any configuration, no longer sequential
  • Finger-Tip Opening & Closing with Zoom Ring Technology

Craig Jackson, Owner and President of Easy Wood Tools fills us in on all the details regarding his new innovation.

This item is available at all Woodcraft stores and online. So get yours today, you won’t be sorry you did. Craig is a straight shooter with great products at Easy Wood Tools. So when he says,

“The Easy Wood Chuck is the Easiest Chuck You’ll Ever Use”… Craig Jackson

You can count on it!

Check out all their fine products HERE.

auf Wiedersehen…Frank!

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