Cutting Boards: Everything you need to know.

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There are loads of videos out there about the "how's" of making a cutting board but not many on the "why's" so we decided to change that. Why do we use one glue over another? Why do we only use certain finishes? Is it okay to use other finishes? Why can't I make a cutting board out of 2x4's? Is Kevin really as awesome as he looks in the thumbnail? (Hint: Yes) 

 Check out this video to answer all of those questions and more!!! 

And stay tuned at the end for a bonus video of how I made the edge grain cutting board you see on the bench.

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  • WH from SAN DIEGO
    Where did you get the science that spalted boards are poisonous? Other than obvious punky boards, nothing I’ve found or read can actually say that, looks like wood legend. ANSWER: To clarify, I never said spalted boards are poisonous, I said spalt is a fungus and can cause allergic reactions in some people. It's really the dust but I wouldn't use it for cutting boards, there are tons of other options. Save the spalted wood for a more decorative project. - Thanks, Kevin.

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