Build a Classic Spice Box Part 2

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Complete this heirloom-quality project by building the door and drawers, then adding hardware and back panels

The spice box is back! The second (and final) part of this project follows the first installment, which appeared in the previous issue (Feb/Mar 17, Issue #75). In Part 1, I explained how to build the case and fill it with dividers to create compartments for 11 drawers. Then we covered the installation of the cornice and base.

Welcome to the home stretch. The progressTRACKER icon you see on the bottom corner of the pages indicates where you are in the overall construction sequence. On the pages ahead, I’ll cover the construction of the doors and drawers. Then we’ll cover the final details: applying a multi-coat finish and installing the back panels.

Building a spice box is a true woodworking adventure—full of tasks that will test your skill, patience, and attention to detail. I hope this two-part article makes your spice box journey enjoyable and rewarding.

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