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Rob Cosman - Dovetail Trainer

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Get the angle of your next dovetail just right with the Rob Cosman Dovetail Trainer. Cosman’s years of teaching the practice of making hand-cut dovetails led him to developing this handy tool to help you position your saw correctly for perfect cuts every time.

After a simple setting up process to make sure the Dovetail Trainer is plumb on the back of your saw, you’ll be ready for straight, left or right angle cuts. Keeping the bubble centered within the lines, start the cut and check once you’re around 1/8" into the cut to make sure you are still centered. Then saw down to your marked point. This process ensures that the cut is precise.

Three notches sit on the top of the front for adjustment. On your initial setup, you’ll set the center point as plumb. Then, you can move one notch in either direction for 10° left or right.

As you use the Dovetail Trainer, you’ll build muscle memory for the cut. Your hand and arm will learn the correct position for precise cut time after time.

The Dovetail Trainer is made from strong, lightweight Delrin so it won’t throw off your sawing. It will fit any saw with a 1/4"-thick back and attaches with a non-marring nylon set screw. An Allen wrench is included for adjustments.

The bubble level is slightly radiused and filled with a mineral oil to ensure that the bubble does not break apart during use.

The Dovetail Trainer works for both left- and right-handed users.

Rob Cosman is a Canadian woodworker renowned for teaching hand-tool techniques and joinery. Best known for his classes and DVD series on dovetail joinery, Cosman offers a line of custom-made hand tools specifically designed to help you make better hand-cut joints. In partnership with Woodcraft, Cosman offers buyers of WoodRiver® hand planes a three-month subscription to his Interactive Online Hand and Power Tool Workshops – demonstration videos on tool techniques, use and education.


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