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Item 863666
Model 80-808

Rikon - 8" 1 HP Slow Speed Grinder, 80-808


This slow speed grinder features a smooth starting, powerful 1 HP motor. With a larger size motor, you can tackle the tough grinding jobs that are typical in production shops, as well as the...

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This slow speed grinder features a smooth starting, powerful 1 HP motor. With a larger size motor, you can tackle the tough grinding jobs that are typical in production shops, as well as the precision shaping and sharpening of hand tools. Tool rests on this machine are extra-large and flat, without a drill bit sharpening groove. Wheel flanges are cast metal. Grinder includes dual dust-collection ports on the rear of the wheel guards. The grinder operates at 1,750 RPM, which is ideal for sharpening operations because it reduces heat buildup and minimizes the possibility for “bluing.” This grinder comes equipped with two 1" x 8" white aluminum oxide grinding wheels mounted on a 5/8" arbor: one 120-grit wheel and one 60-grit wheel. The cast-iron base features anti-vibration rubber feet and is equipped with mounting holes for convenient attachment to a workbench or grinder stand. Grinder comes with Work Light, Tool Rests, Eye Shields, Spark Arrestors, 6' Power Cord And Five-Year Warranty.


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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars
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    Got What I Payed For

    Once it bolt to the bench with slight compression of rubber feet; it ran SMOOTH. Free shipping was the deal closer. Wheel covers are made from light metal, some plastic parts. Light neck needs to be longer or just brighter. Replaced a Delta six inch high speed with Norton wheels, This unit is so much better. Some people think low speed is just a marketing scam, it not easy sharpening and more forgiving with low speed.

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    Ordered this grinder based on magazine reviews that it fixed the issues so commented on with the previous Rikon slow speed grinder (vibration and wheel wobble, in particular). Took over a month to get it, but it finally arrived. Initial setup showed significant vibration, particularly evident on the course wheel side (left side). The inside face of both wheels ran true. The outside face of the course wheel showed very significant runout. The outside face run out of the fine wheel was better. Both wheels were out of round - no big deal that a diamond dressing wheel should have addressed easily. However, even very care application of a handheld dresser failed to get either wheel round, Following directions in the manual, removed the wheels and checked the arbor components. Parts ran true and flat - no issues. Reassembled, using normal tricks to reduce run out. Nothing effective - as would be expected with wheels that are variable thickness. Still couldn't get wheels round. Invested in a Wolverine diamond dresser to try and get wheels round. It worked, but significant vibration still present. Partially dressed outer face of course wheel, but vibration still present. Replacing the wheel may help, but I expected better from a grinder in this price range. Next item - the wheel guards are clocked diffently - have never seen this on a grinder before (looks like a manufacturing defect). This became very apparent when trying to mount Wolverine sharpening bases. The fine wheel side (right side) interfered with the lower Wolverine provided guard. The left side fit fine. The grinder comes with vacuum dust ports mounted on the bottom rear of the wheel guards. They had to be removed to fit the Wolverine bases underneath, which tends to dump all the grinding dust through the holes in the wheel guard directly onto the bases. I expect this will make the sliding mounts of the Wolverine tools sticker over time. The light is an all plastic shield and not very bright - but it does work. Overall, giving the magazine reviews and significantly increased cost, I expected a much better experience. I will contact the manufacturer for a replacement coarse wheel to see if that makes a diffence (I can live with the Mia-clocked wheel guards if we can get rid of the vibration. If not, I will probably return the grinder to the store.

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