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Item 850941
Model SD412X120

Kutzall - Extreme Shaping Disc, 4-1/2" Diameter, Very Coarse



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Kutzall’s durable carbide coatings will last job after job. Whether you are a casual hobbyist or professional craftsman, Kutzall shaping discs are the perfect tool for efficient sanding, giving you effortless control while saving you time. These shaping discs have a nearly flat shape with just a slight curvature for the most effective use of the coated area. Kutzall Extreme tools use more aggressive, free-cutting teeth arranged in a regular pattern of rows and columns. They are the fastest-cutting Kutzall tools on most materials and are excellent for ‘heavy hogging’ applications. The open patterns of these teeth are very resistant to loading, even on gummy materials. You can expect to “Do It All, With Kutzall.”

Recommended speed range: 5000 – 15000 RPM. All shaping discs feature a 7/8” bore and are intended to mount on a 5/8” shaft. The very coarse shaping discs and dishes from Kutzall now feature new and improved teeth. They are 50% taller, have a 5 degree steeper profile, and are 70% wider.


  • Very Coarse
  • 4-1/2” diameter and 7/8” bore


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