WW12407125 Woodworker II Saw Blade, 12"x 40T, .125" Kerf. x 1" Bore, ATB

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Try this Woodworker II Premium Carbide Tipped Saw Blade 12" x 40T, . 125" Kerf x 1" Bore, ATB. With this one all-purpose blade you can rip and crosscut. . . View More Details

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Try this Woodworker II Premium Carbide Tipped Saw Blade 12" x 40T, .125" Kerf x 1" Bore, ATB. With this one all-purpose blade you can rip and crosscut 1"- 2" Rockhards and Softwoods resulting in a smooth-as-sanded surface. Ply-Veneers of oak and birch will crosscut with no bottom splinter at moderate feed rates. Features:

  • 20 degree Face Hook for easy feed
  • Our double hard and 40% stronger C-4 carbide will give up to 300% longer life between sharpenings
  • Use 20T or 30T version if ripping mostly thick stock hardwoods
  • Side wobble is held to .001” – with other brands .004/.010” is common
  • Specifically engineered clearances on the carbide teeth can totally eliminate side scoring
  • No planning/joining or sanding needed, in many cases a glue-line cut can be obtained, depending on the accuracy of the saw machine
  • Thin-kerf, 3/32” width or less, blades make cutting easier with minimum power saw machines. They also remove 25% less material

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