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  • View a Different Image of Bocote 2" x 2" x 18"
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Model 2x2x18 Bocote

Woodcraft Woodshop - Bocote 2" x 2" x 18"

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Bocote (Cordia spp.) has a yellowish brown body with dramatic dark brown to almost black stripes. Color tends to darken with age. Also, the grain patterning can be quite striking, particularly on flatsawn areas. It's not uncommon to see many "eyes" and other figuring in bocote; though unlike knots, they do not seem to present any special challenges in machining. Some species may contain silica that will dull cutters.

On the whole, bocote is easily worked and machined with good results. Although bocote has a fairly high amount of natural oils present, gluing is usually problem-free. Bocote also turns and finishes well.

Common uses include fine furniture, cabinetry, flooring, veneer, boat-building, musical instruments, gunstocks, turned objects, and other small specialty wood items. Most species come from Mexico and Central/South America, though certain species occur in Africa. Ideal stock for turning tops for our bottle stopper, ornament or plumb bob kits.

  • Central America

  • Machines well

  • Aesthetic attributes

  • 2" x 2" x 18"

Due to the nature of wood movement, shrinkage and expansion are possible. Please measure each piece carefully before starting any project.

Wood is a product of nature, and as such, no two pieces are alike to start with, while the same wood growing in different locales can vary greatly even though it is the exact same species.

Thin Stock. The thin stock is cut to size from quality, kiln-dried stock. Dimensions are +/- 1/8" of size listed.

Carving and Turning Blocks. Blocks are sawn to +/- ¼" of size listed.

Plywood. Sizes are nominal. Dimensions are +/- 1/8" of size listed.

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