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Item 163446
Model YW1094

WoodRiver - 4" x 2-1/4" Funnel Reducer Dust Collection Fitting



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WoodRiver Funnel Reducer Dust Collection Fittings improve the efficiency of your shop vacuum powered dust collection system. This tapered reducer allows a smooth transition from 4" hose to a variety of fittings you may be using to connect to your shop vacuum. One side of the 4" to 2-1/4" Funnel Reducer Fitting fits inside most 4" dust collection hose, while the other side fits most common shop vacuum hoses.


• Ideal fitting to use to connect 4" hose to shop vacuum hoses in shop vacuum powered systems

• Tapered reducer to “funnel” debris into the smaller shop vacuum system

• Reducer fitting has 4" OD port on one side and 2-1/4" OD port on other

• Inlet and outlet ports are 2" long to provide room for secure connection

• Molded using ABS material for rigidity and durability

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