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Model BT-BRAD.CRB2-1/2

Brooklyn Tool and Craft - 2d Brad Cut Nail, 1in, 1/8lb

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Cut nails bring a bygone air to furniture and cabinetry projects. Cut nails are preferred by those who are trying to keep their projects historically accurate or just appreciate the interesting look they provide. Cut nails are sheared by machine from steel plate, producing a nail with a distinctive wedge shape that ends in a blunt point. Cut on all sides to produce four edges, they’re often called “square nails.” Cut nails possess great durability. They are hard to pull out because the wood fibers are pushed downward and wedge against the nails. A cut nail tears through the wood fibers, rather than splitting the fiber fibers as wire nails do, thus minimizing surface splitting of the wood.Brad Standard: These round-headed brads are popular for cabinet work and furnituremaking.

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